1. What is Ayoti?

Ayoti Technologies Pvt Ltd is a women empowerment project using the talents of women working from home. We encourage women to workfrom the luxury of their home at their flexible timing, taking care of the kids or other household chores. We believe that there is tremendous talents hidden and untapped in the form of women experts who are willing to work, but cannot just move out of house because of various reasons

2. How do i signup?

Please visit our website http://ayoti.in and click on "REGISTER". Click on the "Join" and you will be present with a basic signup form. The signup form is a self explanatory form. Please fill the form and Click "Create" to create the account. A verification email will be sent to your email. Please remember to check the Spam folder in case the email does not come to the Inbox. Click on ‘Verify Your Email” Link in the email. After verification, please login using your email and password. Once Logged in, Click on Update Profile. Fill up the General Details as well as Profile Details. Skill sets are a must fill details. You can enter multiple skills using the + button. Enter the Work Experience Details as well. DO REMEMBER TO CLICK ON SAVE BUTTON.

3. I HAVE not received the verification email. What do i do?

Usually within 24 business hours you get a response from Ayoti. If you don't receive any mail from us please contact us immediately on the contact number given on the site

4. I have Signed up. Now What? What are the hiring procedures?

Every project requires qualified and talented staffs to work on. Ayoti do not compromise on the work capability and quality. We have a variety of IT projects in hand waiting to be commenced but for lack of resources. So once its time to commence the project, a technical team will get intouch with you for conducting the interview procedure. Ayoti, also do talent pooling for future projects.If you don't get a call right now, please don't be disappointed. Please be patient and keep your spirits high.
Our Hiring Operations may be summarized as below.
1. Initial Round of HR
2. Technical Interview (if required)
3. Evaluation
4. After Hiring, Onboarding with project Induction
5. Project Assessment and Reporting
6. Payout

5. How are the works assigned?

We have a robust work queuing system which will be used by the hired Ayotians and assigned various tasks/modules/jobs. An experienced Project Manager will be coordinating to get the tasks assigned as well as monitoring the progress. A fair deadline will be assigned which need to be followed by the hired Ayotian. Timely reports as mentioned by Project Manager are expected from all the hired Ayotians.

6. How do i get paid?

A hired Ayotian who have completed successfully the assigned tasks/modules as per mentioned by Project Manager in a timely manner will be paid without fail once in two week. Payments will be every alternative Fridays. All payments will be via Bank account only.

7. Do i make any deposits or payments upfront during signups?

Ayoti does not require any kind of deposits or fees. You signup, get hired and get paid. There is absolutely no risk involved.

8. How can i get in touch with you?

Our contact may be found on http://ayoti.in/contact_us.php In case of queries, you may dial us Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm

9. What are the pre-requisite for the signups?

The candidate should be an Indian Citizen, must be of age above 18. She should be having a working laptop/Desktop with a decent internet connection. Enough free time to complete the task in hand. Zeal to work.

10. Do i need to come to office for any reasons?

Usually no. But depending on the severity and nature of project, it may require you to drop in for 1 or 2 days for a project discussion or orientation

11. Is there any upper age limit?

We don’t have an issue with the age if there is right experience and talent combined with willingness to work. We don’t hire MINORs though.

12. Will i have continuous projects one after the other?

There is no guarantee that there will be an uninterrupted flow of projects. Once a project is complete, you will have to wait patiently for the next one to get assigned. Ayoti doesn’t guarantee any kind of full time permanent job.

13. Does signup with Ayoti guarantee any job?

We do not guarantee a job, but we guarantee opportunities if you are found to be capable of the project that we have in hand.