Food for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become weak and more likely to break. Diet plays an important role in enhancing the mass and strength of your bone. The food rich in calcium, manganese, vitamin D and other nutrition’s are crucial for our bone health. So you must know which are the foods that help in increasing bone strength and which have the reversing effect.

Here is a list of some healthy foods that helps to build up strong bones.

1)Calcium rich foods: Calcium is a nutrient necessary for bone formation. More than 98% of calcium in our body found in skeleton. Body uses these calcium and replaces it through the diet. Deficiency of calcium can lead to muscle cramps, abnormal heart rhythm, lethargy etc. High calcium rich foods include dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk ), sardines, soya beans, almonds, orange juice, dark leafy greens and fish canned with their bones etc..

Calcium rich food

2)Protein rich foods: Proteins are the next important nutrient for our bone strength. It is an important building block of bone, skin, muscles etc. You must include protein rich food in your daily diet. Protein rich foods includes eggs, dry beans and peas, Nuts and seeds, Meat, Fish, Dairy products.

Protien Rich food

3) Other nutrients: For calcium absorption and preventing bone loss, Vitamin D is mandatory. The main sources of vitamin D are egg, milk, saltwater fish, liver etc. Magnesium, copper, iron, fluoride and vitamin A and C are also required to prevent bone loss. You will get these vitamins and nutrients by eating plenty of fruits, nuts, beans and seeds.


Keeping with all these in your mind, you must know which are the foods to be avoided to prevent osteoporosis, some of them are listed below.

1) High- Sodium food: For maximum bone health avoid taking too much salt. Salt is the main reason for excretion of calcium through kidneys.

2) Sugary snacks: Excess sugar depletes phosphorus and inhibit calcium absorption. Phosphorus is an essential element for calcium absorption. So remind yourself while taking excess sugar.

3)Cola: Cola contains phosphoric acid, that weakens intestines and reduce the absorption of calcium. So use alternative health drinks that prevent osteoporosis.

Teh best food for osteoporosis

4)Too much alcohol: Heavy alcohol consumption decreases bone formation simultaneously increases the chance of bone fracture. For maintaining optimum bone health minimize the alcohol conception.

5) Caffeine: Caffeine content in coffee may lead to decreased calcium absorption and increased calcium excretion. Studies show that approximately 2-4 mg of calcium losses with every one cup of coffee or tea.

It is not entirely clear that the above foods lighten bone density, physicians agree in general that excessive amount of these may have an adverse effect.


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