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Who Are We?

Ayoti is a curated marketplace for freelancers that features thousands of top-rated Freelancers. Obtaining immediate quotations for your need for Freelancers is easy and quick.

Our goal is to help businesses find freelance talent locally or internationally. The site is also one of the most incredible places for freelancers aiming to provide extra income for today’s experts.

Web excellence since 2009.

For the Clients:

We help you obtain top talent sourcing and committed support all along the route. With us, we allow you access to our carefully curated pool of hand-selected, top-rated freelancers who are experts in getting your work done perfectly. We select our pool of freelancers through a rigorous verification process, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your project.

In contrast to freelancing, Ayoti empowers women who work from home to interact with customers, provide end-to-end solutions, hire people, and manage projects. As a result, in addition to serving as the client’s single point of contact, Ayoti also has the benefit of lower operating expenses. Ayoti is a unique platform for future outsourcing because its processes and practices are created to satisfy the guaranteed quality while maintaining the required anonymity.

For Freelancers:

Ayoti offers a streamlined web platform for diverse digital projects that connect employers and employees. If you are a freelancer, you must build a profile and list your services in our Ayoti Portal. Following that, we will get in touch with you, and following a quick interview and test, we will confirm and hire you.

Female freelancers help them to advance their independent professions while being guided by a supportive community. We, therefore, give women in our community higher priority. Ayoti offers payment guarantees monthly and doesn’t charge any fees for joining. Furthermore, we help women obtain higher wages and a better quality of life by providing them with professional training in cutting-edge technology. We are a unique entrepreneurship platform that gives women in India the most important jobs while empowering them.


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How Do I Hire a Freelancer?

We’ll take you to step by step through the procedure.

Please give as much information as possible, but don’t worry about making it flawless.

Receive qualified confirmation within 24 hours, and we’ll ensure you hire the best talent for the job.

We ensure that the job is delivered to you as soon as feasible and at the best level. We’ll encourage you to video connect or chat with the talents, so you can give them the information directly and get the outcomes you want.

Pay for invoices after receiving your results. Pay for only the job you approve.

How It Works
Social Cause

Our ideology is based on a social cause to bring up the unused talents of Women at home by giving them the opportunity to work in flexi timings. At Ayoti we understand the role of education in women empowerment and are on a mission to train the underprivileged women to make them capable for work and assist them to lead better living. Our platform not only trains women but also provides online jobs for women at the end of the training. The traditional woman has evolved to prove herself equal in many professions as well as proved better suited than men in others. 

Our Mission

Our Quality and security standards ensures the quality assurance and on time delivery maintaining the desired data security, but all in a minimal cost to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Ayoti to bridge the gap in finding the true potential resources to meet the industrial requirement and became true platform for outsourcing in the upcoming days.

Some frequently asked questions. 

Yes, you can! However, as we are a jobs platform that supports women and other underrepresented groups, you could discover that we put greater effort towards empowering women. We want to give women an equal opportunity to succeed, not take anything away from men.

The candidate must be an Indian citizen and at least 18 years old. She ought to have a functional laptop or desktop and a reliable internet connection. As well as sufficient free time to finish the task at hand.

There is no assurance that projects will continue to flow continuously. You will have to patiently wait till the following project is assigned once one is finished. Any form of full-time, permanent job is not a promise made by Ayoti.

Do I have to come to office for freelance work?

We have a reliable work queuing system that the hired Ayotians will use to complete the numerous tasks, modules, and jobs. An experienced project manager will coordinate to allocate the tasks and track their completion. The hired Ayotian will be given a reasonable timeline that must be adhered to. All the hired Ayotians are expected to submit timely reports as requested by the project manager.

We Trust in Ourselves and are Worthy to be Trusted by You
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