By Ankita Purohit

10 minutes daily Yoga At Home

Yoga has been proven by researchers for delivering so many benefits. It helps reducing lower back pain, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression and auto-immune diseases. Along with improving the overall mood it also tones the body and enhances its flexibility. The person who does daily yoga has elevated levels of energy and vitality. He/she has an improved respiration and balanced metabolism. His/her muscle strength and tone increases as well and therefore their athletic performance is magnified to much extent. People hardly get any time to do yoga for like an hour or so but performing that for 10 minutes wouldn’t hurt anybody. So, here is the list of 10 minutes daily yoga that could be done by anyone.

1. Chair pose – Stand straight and keep your feet few inches apart. Keep your hands forward in such a way that the elbows remain straight and the palms face towards the ground, ensuring that your hands are parallel to the ground. Just as you sit on a real chair you have to bend your knees and move your pelvis downwards as if you sit on an imaginary one. This part is very challenging for those who are new to it so stop at the moment you feel extremely uncomfortable. You may also try imagining reading a newspaper or typing on a laptop to deal with the discomfort. If you are not able to do this at all, you may take a support from a wall behind. Hold this till you are able to do and then stand straight again. Do this for 5 times. This yoga is not recommended for those who suffer from chronic knee pain and/or arthritis.

chair pose yoga - Easy yoga

Chair pose tones the legs appropriately. It strengthens hips, back, calves and ankles. It reduces the chances of flat feet and stretches the shoulders and chest. It also stimulates the abdominal region, heart and diaphragm.

2. Standing forward bend – Stand straight on the floor such that the hands are along side the body and feet kept together. Make sure that your entire body weight is on both the feet equally. Now breathe in and extend your arms overhead. Now bend forward and then downwards exhaling. Stay in that position for 20 to 30 seconds and continue breathing deeply. Your legs and spine must be straight during this entire time. At this position whenever you breathe out move your chest towards the knees, and lift the tailbone higher as much as you can. Do not over burden the pose else you may end up getting strain. After that again stand straight up. Do not perform this exercise if you have undergone spinal injury and/or surgery. Also avoid this if you are suffering from Spondylitis, cervical pain or any other form of arthritis.

Standing forward bend - Simple Yoga

Standing forward bend stretches all the muscles of the body. It increases the blood supply, makes the spine flexible and tones the abdominal region.

3. Table pose – Come down to the floor such that your hands and knees support your body just as the young toddlers do for locomotion. The knees must be hip width apart. The position must be stiff and straight. Do not bend the back and also stiffen your shoulders such that these are somewhat distant apart from ears. Try to lengthen the spine by pressing the tailbone towards the back wall and head-crown towards the front wall. Have a deep breathe and hold for around 3 breaths.

Simple Table Pose Yoga

Table pose strengthens the spine and neck. It stretches the abdomen, back and hips. It stimulates the kidneys, adrenal glands and organs in the belly region. It also improves the balance and posture.

4. Corpse pose – Lie down on the floor with hands and legs in a very relaxed manner kept somewhat apart just like a dead body. At this point try to forget the present work stress and anxiety and rather focus on your body where each body part must be relaxed slowly. For achieving this, start from your feet then knees then hips, stomach, chest, hands and so on. This is how the person reaches into the deeper self. Avoid the places where you could be easily diverted. If you still face the problem related to focusing then wear the headphones and listen to mind relaxing music like that of flowing river, chirping birds, wind, om chanting, etc. You may do this for 2 to 5 minutes as per the convenience.

Simple Corpse pose yoga

Corpse pose is an excellent means because a person can reach at a deeper state so that he/she can get relief from stress, anxiety and depression. It repairs the tissues and cells, and reduces blood pressure and insomnia.

5. Mountain pose – Stand on the ground straight such that the feet are parallel to each other and the hands are rested at the sides at this time. Now slowly move your hands upwards at the sideways, join them overhead like ‘namaste’ and at the same time move your heels upwards as if you are wearing a high heel shoes. Stretch as much as you can. Inhale while moving upwards and hold.

Muntain pose Yoga

Mountain pose stretches, strengthens and tones the back, arms, thighs, stomach and knees. One can gain over control of his/her body through balancing properly. It increases the mobility and flexibility of the entire body. It also relieves from indigestion, constipation and gas formation. It is quite capable to improve the blood circulation and urinary system as well.

You may also try Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar in place of all yoga mentioned above. It consists of 12 different yoga poses and has many benefits. At first it would be tiring for doing that just for 2 to 3 times but later one may increase up to 15 or 20 times (as per the convenience). Surya Namaskar helps improving the blood circulation, maintains the health of heart, liver, intestine, chest, stomach, throat and legs. On an overall basis every part of the body gets stimulated. The morning right before the sunrise and during sunrise is the most preferable time but any suitable time would do the trick. A person remains active throughout the day if he/she is on the habit of performing Sun Salutation.

Simple Sun Salutation steps

Though morning timings are the best, one could still manage to do any type of yoga at any suitable time, like when you have kept something to eat for baking or boiling, or after your all work is done. Yoga provides greater benefits both physically and mentally and the person actually feels it after a few days of set routine.

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