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10 Tips for Women to Earn from Home

We are not living in the 18th or 19th century were the majority of women didn’t know what was happening outside their home or the world out were meant for them too. The scenario has changed, now some women like to work and some are required to work due to their circumstances. There are different options for women to work now, for instance, rather than working at the office there is work from home, part-time work, flexible time work, etc. exclusively for women. Earning make a significant difference in a person’s living and attitude. For women, the income adds extra confidence along with self-sufficiency.

Importance of financial independence in women

Financial freedom furnishes women with enthusiasm to make an existence that empowers to handle own expenses. Nowadays, it is important for every person to be financially self-sufficient, doesn’t matter if it is men or women. Most women in India are able home-makers but the profession is of least priority for many of them when they enter motherhood or when the internal needs of their home are more constraining. It is essential to recognise that at present, lots of elder women are living in their retired lives without a partner due to a longer lifespan and many other reasons. Hence, women might have to manage their monetary needs alone at some point in their lifetime.

Here are a few reasons that describe why women have to earn their living.

To match the growing cost-of-living: Expenses has surged noticeably in the last few decades. To buy a decent home to live, send kids to a good school and move on in an average standard of living has become really expensive. Hence, if women in the family are financially supporting they can not only add to the daily expenses of the household but also help to satisfy the family’s financial savings.

Emergencies can arise at any time: Nothing is reliable these days, be it the jobs or life. One must realise that if only the husband is the breadwinner, with the wife, kids and elders being totally dependent on him, its kind of a risk. Because if the provider loses his business/work or is incapable to work for some reason, so till he is able to work he will have to depend on an external source for the family’s livelihood, it will be self dishonouring. Furthermore, in case of an ill-fated demise of the breadwinner, other family members might have to undergo financial setbacks along with all other serious maladies. In all of the above cases, a lot of situations could have been managed if the lady of the house had an earning.

To avoid helplessness: It is a bitter fact that a set of women in the world are victims of domestic disturbance or suppression by their own family members. Still, due to financial dependence, they remain to allow abuse and misconduct. Therefore, it is remarkably necessary that every woman becomes financially self-sufficient so that they never have to appear weak and helpless in life at all.

Self-achievement of ambitions and goals: Women might be having some purposes and goals, but usually for the accomplishment of which they have to depend on their parents or husbands. A financially independent woman will be able to self-sufficiently fulfil their wishes such as doing a course for improving their skill-sets, going for a trip with friends, buying things that they desire or gifts for their loved ones, etc. They will be capable of taking their own resolutions and do not have to depend on anybody. This raises their self-respect and makes them more fearless to face any kind of circumstances in life.

Be an epitome to other girls and your own offsprings: A woman who is able to stand on her own and has an outlook will be a role model and a source of motivation for other women in the society. She inspires others to reach heights with pride and can say no to violence. Furthermore, children learn from what they see. Kids learn from their parents, If mothers are financially independent, children particularly girls will know the importance of earning and be inspired to be self-sufficient in life when they grow up.

Improve the nation’s gross development: An average number of women in India educate themselves or become professional by spending loads of money and in some cases, governments spend the expenses for educating citizens. But the potential is not getting used when they do not earn in the later stages which is really disappointing and will let country stay underdeveloped. If maximum women in our country begin earning they also can boost the economy thereby raising the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). An increase in the working population will be better for the individual as well as to its nation.

Henceforth, you see, it is essential for all women, for instance, married, single, separated, widowed or divorced to be financially self-sufficient. Now let’s see how some women manage both work and home by choosing work from home option and wisely organising everything!

Tips for women to earn from home

1. Choose the suitable Job

There are different kinds of jobs, some of them require your presence at the office and you may have to run from one meeting to another, prepare presentations, conduct sessions for fellow workers, breakfast conferences, business luncheons, social gatherings, etc. It is not possible to find a work from home with such a job description. Usually, work that can be done autonomously by a person is outsourced by companies as there will be no condition of dependence. Therefore, professions like freelance writing, data entry, website design and development, technical writing etc are the most hunted jobs in the work from home category. If you cannot commit eight hours of time continuously for your work, then the best option would be to choose flexible timing or part-time jobs for yourself.

2. Make Plans of the day in advance

Many women who try to restart their career by working from home have one complaint generally. They observe that their job is taken for granted by family members, friends, neighbours and relatives. They ask to do works and sometimes asks help at the working hours, may be asked to rush to school or for grocery shopping without considering that you are having a work. It is certainly hard for you to establish your family that your preferences are re-organized a little bit just for the time being (work time) as you have committed yourself to the employment where you are supposed to give your output on an everyday. Hopefully, this will be an initial issue only, the variations of opinion get thinned and your loved ones will start backing you in your work as well. All you have to do to overcome this initial issue is to pre-plan your day ahead. Your bedtime, cooking time, daily duties like dropping off kids to school, purchasing, etc. can be thoroughly planned the earlier.

3. Set an office space at home

If you are a person who has previously worked in an office and now switched to work from home you will indeed miss your space. A space assigned for work will motivate and stay put in the work itself. So find a comfortable yet undisturbed space and design it like an office with a good table, ergonomic chair and more. Keep the wanted stationary, gadgets like tablets, phones, laptops, chargers within the grasp of your hand so that you do not go seeking for these essential items at the neck of the hour. If required supply yourself with some snacks and water too. But emphasise the fact that you are going to finish your work on time.

4. Utilize technology to the fullest

Technology can be your best friend in need. Work-from-home jobs demand the best internet connection. Along with that It is necessary for you to have all the required tools and applications like a laptop or a high-end computer, internet messengers, email, video chatting facility, etc. Access technology based on your job specification. Many times telephone communication shifts the most essential mode of conversation at work. Make sure you have good connectivity. Else keep a separate number to eliminate additional troubles. Be sure to check the quality of speaker and microphones that are possible with you for hassle-free connection.

5. Do not work less, Do not work more

Accepting a work from home job may not be easy as it seems if you haven’t arranged a proper time. You are supposed to inform on time to your employer and stay logged in at the expected number of hours. Further, you may be obliged to take client calls and video chats. Once you get your job, it is perfect to notify your family about your work timings in prior to avoid complications at a later moment. And be specific and say a stern no to unplanned programmes throughout work hours. Remember you still work for an organisation, so, commitment and settlement are still the stepping stones for success in all kinds of work. Also, remember you must say no to guests and kitty parties during the peak time of your work.

When you take your work-from-home employment, verify if you can allow enough time for it apart from managing your household. Else you will end up pushing the time needlessly and toil to finish the committed tasks. Be clear and specific while you consider your terms and conditions with respect to work timings with your organisation before approving the statement of work. Doing your household chores in work hours and working in the time you have to spend with family is not a good idea.

6. Employ a good house help

Women are capable of multitasking. However, once they choose to work from home, it is best to arrange help for household activities and taking care of children if they are small. The help should be able to manage the house while you immerse yourself in the job. This spares a lot of time for you which you can use in improving your work that requires uninterrupted concentration. Like this, you can gain the pleasure of managing both work and home fairly. Daily chores like dusting, mopping, washing, doing dishes, cutting vegetables, folding and arranging wardrobes, etc. can be made done by the helper. Also, if you are a mother of toddlers/infants hiring babysitters who are good at handling the kids and their crankiness is also needed. Children need attention and care so if you are engaged they will feel left out. So keep them occupied with good care.

7. Make kids ready to adapt to your work routine

Women are strong but when they become mothers they do compromise a lot with their kids. Many mothers are compelled to close their computer when the little one asks some help and this affects the working mother’s performance to a greater extent. The greatest tip that works here will be to instruct your kids and make them ready for your working hours. In the beginning, they will continue but the best part is that they will slowly understand and become self-sufficient too.

8. Never ignore health

Being a homemaker you already have enough work and stress attached in your head. Do not force yourself on a work-from-home job where you require to sit huge hours to make a good income. Take care of your health by eating on time and taking sufficient sleep. Prefer the type of work that supplies you plenty of room to recline and rejuvenate and not the ones that are difficult and hard to accomplish on time. Work from home jobs are to support women to recover their fallen spirit, improve their career and make them financially independent. Hence do not bind to a high net worth profile while working from home.

9. Take sufficient breaks

It is commonly recognised that people are more centred when they work from home. Some sit adhered to their desks to finish their tasks. Intense concentration from your side is beneficial for the employer but it can take damage to your health. Take fair breaks for going to washrooms and drinking water. Avoid unnecessary illness due to your own carelessness.

10. Shut the kitchen before you sit for work

Last but not least, seal your kitchen well before you log-in into your office. This might sound silly but this is the most crucial tip for a ladies who are working from home. The kitchen takes a lot of time, be it small drinks or big meals it requires time to make and also for the after clean-ups. Hence plan the day’s menu advanced and get the things handy if you do not have a house help for cooking. Try to make the weekday cooking simple. Save and keep healthy snacks for your family on weekends. And also elaborate cooking should be postponed to weekends and holidays. Moreover, once in a while entertain yourself with healthy take-home meals. Cut and keep fruits and veggies in the fridge so that kids get that easily. like that there are numerous tips to make your kitchen ready for your work from home.

Working from home is such an excellent option that has presented immense possibilities for women who have abandoned their career to stay at home. But determining on a correct job and offering oneself to the work effectively while executing your duties for your beloved family is indeed a very tight task for any woman. Though many women often find it hard to manage both ends even after working from home, with the above-stated expert tips, women of today can simply encompass their happy future even by working from home and can drive themselves to heights.
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