By Nandini Vijayagopal

Believe that you are born to be a leader!

Women in leadership

Let’s face it….It is loud and clear “It’s not easy living the life of a woman” nevertheless, DON”T let it stop you from aspiring to be a leader. If a man needs to works hard to get to the summit a woman needs to work thrice as hard to get there. Simply because as women we change roles every second of the day from being a caring wife to a patient mother, to being a daughter and daughter-in-law so on and so forth. In between all this we go to office, run a business and also manage our homes and what not?

Finding the right balance between work and home is a tight rope walk for most of us. In spite of all that we do, we are still the end up being at the center stage of criticism. So let the wagging tongues wag all they want, what we can do is take all this in positive stride.

Prioritize your tasks: It’s true that we might not be able to do justice to every role we play, but even that can be set right with a little thought we can prioritize what we need to tackle first. While we are busy prioritizing it is also important to be open to changes.

Being Flexible: Aw…Come on admit it! This is not your high school time table. So be flexible to accommodate changes as and when they come. Hey Presto! With some practice you can master of this art too.

female leader

Be Inspired: Remember as little children how much we loved listening to stories told by our grandparents, parents and teachers. Personally for me, my mother dozed off half way through our story telling sessions and I had to get to the end of the story by myself! Jokes apart…I loved listening to the story of the Maratha queen, Rani Lakshmi Bai. Each of us have our own favorite heroes or personalities, try recollecting yours. Read up more whenever you have the time, if you don’t have the time to read big books to be enthused, start with small anecdotes. Share it with your kids and bet your kids will really appreciate it.

Put your thoughts to work and love what you do: Start loving what you do, be it what you do at home or at work. Last night I happened to be reading a short biography about Indra Nooyi, CEO, PepsiCo and one of the most respected global leaders in the world. One point that stayed on my mind even after I closed the book was her approach to work. So every morning the first thing she does at her work desk is ask herself “What can I do differently today? “. I think this a great way to alter the way you think and act, be it at home or at work.

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Accept your contributions: We are so caught up with our chore s, that we don’t even have the time to think back on what we have attained so far. Believe that you are doing a commendable job being a multi tasker. Just spend some moments earlier in day when everything is quiet and reflect on positive things you have achieved so far. It’ll give you energy to face the day with a big bright smile every day. Give yourself a pat and boost your confidence levels!

Trying to imbibe these little things in our lives can make a big difference. Most important of all learn to celebrate the essence of womanhood!

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