How to Succeed as a Woman in Men’s World | Guidelines for Women to Follow in Workplace

We live in the era of twenty first century, where women don’t want to sit inside the home. We see countless of them who come out of their cocoons to endeavor in this world. In this fast-moving phase, I would like to help the ladies out there who strive for succeeding in a corporate world where men rule. Let us know more about how to flourish in men ruled corporate world being a woman.

But before we discuss the points that a regular woman needs to follow, let me first mention the common struggles she faces at her workplace. After that, I would like to state all those points that are important to succeed as a woman in men’s world, and finally, I would also love to cite some guidelines for women to follow in workplace. The latter is crucial as well as it builds the foundation for accomplishing something great in the future.


Some Common Struggles For Women In Workplace

Pregnancy – A boon or a bane?

The biggest fear of women is beginning a family and having a baby.

Why is it like that?

Do they fear that having a baby can be a standstill to their career?

Why would something like that occur?

Because firms prefer unmarried women over married ones due to pregnancies and maternity leaves that married women require; which is in turn viewed as a loss in business point of view.

Why can’t married women, pregnant ladies, and working mothers be successful?

Workplace sexism – Are you a victim?

Yes, you caught it right.

Are you the victim yourself?

Workplace sexism basically involves inequality on the basis of pay scale and promotions. Despite that both genders work hard, men are likely to grab the best job or career opportunities compared to women counterparts; and that is prevalent in nearly all sectors, be it IT or the film industry, labor workforce or advertising firm.

There are very common questions specifically asked to women candidates when they attend interviews. For instance:

“When are you getting married?”

“Are you planning to have a baby soon?”

Why? Because an organization wants its employees to associate with it for long term because time is money. If a firm doesn’t have regular workforce, it would eventually lose its business. After marriage, a man wouldn’t change his city or get pregnant and ask for maternity offs. This sounds quite practical to business owners who are hiring.

Underestimated – Why not overestimated?

Women are often doubted as being capable employees at their workplaces. There are lots of enigmas that go after women.

“Will she be able to do such kind of work?”

“Will she be perfect fit for so-and-so designation?”

Business owners need to understand that challenges are there for women, but these are not unmanageable. There are infinite examples of women, such as Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, Indra Nooyi, etc., who went beyond their comfort zone and flourished whichever career they chose.

Why Ego? – Why not mutual admiration?

There are many folks who cannot see women climbing the ladder of success. It is quite natural that ego from both genders clash at times but if it goes beyond one’s control it may also damage the environment and work ethics. So, why not both men and women consider each other as a support system instead of hardcore rivalries?

What would we get by exhibiting ego? Nothing!

This is one of the very common struggles for women in workplace. Now that we have discussed the struggles already, it’s time to move on to steps required to succeed as a woman in men’s world.


How to Succeed as a Woman in Men’s World?

  1. Believe in yourself: You should believe in yourself first. If you don’t, no one else will. Know your worth and don’t wait for someone to recognize you.

  2. Find your voice: Don’t be hesitant to voice out your opinion. You won’t be asked to point it out. Be ready to grab the chance and make yourself heard. Be brave to make a statement. This also helps to build confidence.

  3. Know your worth and own it: You should know your self-worth more than anyone, so be satisfied with yourself. Always compete with your ego and make yourself perfect. Know your strength and try to enhance your skills. Do everything you can to grow professionally.

  4. Stop trying to be a people-pleaser: Don’t try to please anyone. Do what you are determined to do. Never help someone just for the sake of your good image, but because you genuinely believe in helping. Always keep up your standards.

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise or promotion: If you are expecting an appraisal, ask for a raise or promotion. Don’t be shy to make your expectations clear and tell them that you have the right essence. Show them your duties and data, which can make them seal their mouths.

  6. Find a sponsor: Make sure that you have a strong relationship with your boss and other senior leaders. They can become your sponsors or advocates who believe in you and fight for your rights.

  7. Tell the truth: Always be honest and trustworthy. Admit that you don’t know rather than acting as if you know. Always be straightforward, i.e. mean what you say and say what you mean.

  8. Dress up appropriately: Dress appropriately according to your body type. Don’t wear a flashy or gaudy dress, rather wear formals or as per your company’s policies. Make sure that your clothes are neat, clean, free of stains and wrinkles. This creates a positive impression upon those around you.

  9. Gather data: Most men trust facts and data and ignore other aspects. Hence, it is always a good idea to try to gather as much data as possible so that it further assists to prove your point in practical sense.

Now that we already are halfway through, let me cover one of the most vital guidelines for you to follow in workplace so that you, not just as a woman but also as a person, understand that such routine is beneficial. This is because it creates a positive impact upon your psyche which in turn helps in reaching the set goals.


Some Guidelines for Women to Follow in Workplace

Some guidelines I believe every person needs to follow at workspace in order to succeed. Although these points may sound insignificant at first since people in general do not pay attention to the basics, yet these are crucial for long run.

Love your work

Do what you love and love what you do. Many of us are not lucky enough to achieve our ideal job. But that doesn’t mean that you should feel depressed. Never moan about what you didn’t get. Rather be satisfied with what you have got and then work even harder. Many might not have what you have. Whatever be the work, make it your aspiration. You will see the magic.

Give respect and gain respect

Many have said that you get what you give. If you don’t give respect, don’t expect that people will respect you either. You can only reap what you sow. We are how we treat our inferiors and not how we treat our superiors. Be a person who respects everyone regardless of their social status.

Spread happiness, not negativity

Make your surroundings pleasant. You should be the broker of serenity around you. Negativity shouldn’t exist anywhere near you. Because negativity promotes anger, distrust, guilt, frustration, and many more things that is unwanted in your life. So, it is always good to make yourself cheerful and positive. It makes everything and everyone around you happy, and as a result everyone gets attracted to you.

Don’t hesitate to help others

Help is something that we can always provide selflessly. People owe you nothing despite you assist them willingly. And when you help someone never expect honor or recognition. When we help others we are the ones who get to learn something new.

Place your ego outside the gate

Ego is something that never lets us succeed. Most of us are more into “I’s”, rather than “We’s”. When you don’t have the feeling of ‘We’, you cannot achieve wonders. This is because it is a joint effort.

For instance, if a business owner thinks that he is very rich and the whole credit goes solely to him then he is entirely wrong. He should realize that many of his subordinates work their sweat to meet his target. Moreover, there are other investors as well who believed in his innovative idea and invested their money to practically implement that idea.

Be yourself and don’t put on a show

It is always good to be yourself, rather than putting up a show. Don’t try to be someone else who is basically not You!

Do not take statements said by others personally

As a woman, I know that mean statements are often targeted at women, sometimes even by other women. There will be many people who are eager to point out the mistakes in you, no matter what. So, better to take up all the positives and neglect the rest. Once you learn this, your life will appear easier.

Be a good listener, doer, and speaker

We should always have patience. Whenever someone tries to seek your help, be a good listener and then be a speaker. Try to be more of a doer than lecturing too much about something you haven’t done yet. It is certainly easier to judge others instead of understanding their stance!

The right kind of communication is the latchkey to success

Communication does not mean that you have to speak whatever comes to your mind. But we should also make sure that there is no communication gap or any undesired communication.

It is indeed difficult for a woman to compete among a bunch of male candidates, especially those who do not miss a chance to overpower them due to stereotypical male-ego; but if properly managed and strictly followed it is not impossible to succeed. In fact, the situation will quite be in your favor.

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