By Ankita Purohit

Eye exercises especially for people who work on computers

for healthy and beautiful  eyes

When my parents were young there was hardly anybody who used to wear the spectacles, and those who wore were teased and bullied by people as they looked extremely studious, serious and geek! The surrounding was free from pollution and everything was pure, the vegetables, fruits, soil, everything didn’t contain any form of chemicals. When I was in my high school there were students who started wearing spectacles one by one, including me. There was a belief that only those students’ eyes are weak who inherit that from their parents. Both of my parents started wearing the spectacles after crossing the age of 40 years, and I am pretty sure most of my classmates’ parents had healthy eyes as well.

There are many other factors that are responsible for that. Children today are now used to computers, laptops, mobile phones, and are very less involved in outdoor activities. Our eyes need to focus on a variety of objects. Playing games outside encourages that. Conversely, constantly watching the television or playing video games on phone or computer encourages the eyes stare on a single screen for hours without apparently blinking and certainly doesn’t help to focus on a variety of objects. Focusing on different objects enhances the eye movements which is necessary to encourage the eye exercises. If you work on computers whole day chances are your eyes will become weaker. To avoid that in advance or bring back the lost eye health you may practice certain eye exercises as follows.

1. Blinking: Blinking is very necessary if you want to maintain the moisture of your eyes. Most people have the habit to stare at computers for several hours without actually realizing it. Therefore, make a habit to blink your eyes after every 5 minutes. This seems easy but needs practice and a continuous self reminder for doing so.

the best eye exercises

2. Focusing: Focus on some different objects other than your computer after every few minutes. Our eyes need to focus on several objects at a time to keep their muscles properly working.

The best Eye focussing exercise

3. Glancing: First sit in a comfortable position then close your eyes. Keeping your eyes remain closed, look upwards and hold for a few seconds. Now look downwards. Then look in the left and right direction. Repeat these steps every day the moment you feel strained.

4. Visual scanning: Sit at a comfortable place and start looking at an object nearby you. Now move to next object, then comes the next object slowly. Slowly look every object in the room, both near and at far place.

5. Eye rolling: Keep your eyes closed and move them in a circular motion. Repeat. Now change the direction of the motion and repeat again. It gives the feeling of massaging and is excellent when you feel strained at your eyes.

Eye rolling exercise

6. Palming: Rub both of your hands’ palms against each other to generate some amount of heat. Close your eyes. Now keep them and press them onto your eyes. The right palm touches the right eye and the left palm touches the left eye, keeping them both warm for a few seconds.

Palming exercise for eyes

Continuous efforts made generates positive results in just a few months. The power of your lenses may not lessen but at least it won’t worsen. Along with the eye exercises eating habits also play a huge role. One must have foods rich in anti-oxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin such as spinach, oranges, eggs, kale, grapefruit, broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, peanut butter, wheatgerm, fish, oysters, carrots, Indian gooseberry, green and red peppers. These are excellent super-foods for eyes. Also involving in physical exercises, yoga, sports, etc. make a great contribution when it comes to eye health. So, do not miss that as well.

Best  food for eyes

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