By Ankita Purohit

Finally women entered the Sports person league but long way to go still!

Gone are those days when women were simply confined to household work. Now is the time when many of them have proved that they are no inferior to men in any field. There are many examples that can be taken as a means for encouragement if a girl wants to build a career in sports. P.T. Usha, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom, etc. have now excelled in their respective fields.

India's Best Sports Women

But if we talk about every middle class households there is very less number of parents who actually risk everything for their daughters, who support them no matter what the society thinks. This is because the country still is not free from the mindset of marrying the girls early and having kids. If they have no plans to marry away their daughters early, chances are they may not hesitate for continuing their education, but ‘sports’ is entirely a different story. The society where we live in does not give priority to every field, but is only confined to engineering or medical. But this should be understood by every parent that their child may or may not be capable of scoring excellent marks, but other opportunities are still there and that they can opt for anything they wish.

Many parents encourage their daughters to continue sports as part of their hobby so that they may freshen-up their minds in-between the studies but as a career there is still long way to go. Even if a few parents want their girl participate in sports may or may not be financially strong. The Indian government does not give privilege to sports other than cricket, and that too men cricket team, and therefore, the girl’s family has to support her financially as well. Many of them shatter their dream due to discouragement in their family. If they get encouraged they are not given much time frame to prove their talent. Then comes the time for marriage. The parents fear that their daughter will never get married, which is not considered as a good thing through the eyes of society.

The best Indian Women Athlete

First of all, they need their family’s permit who are constantly under pressure of other relatives to dictate what they ought to do and what not. If they still get the chance other obstacles are ready in their way. To sustain in sports they need to build a muscular body so that they develop appropriate strength and stamina. But as per the general norms a lady must look feminine having perfectly slim and well toned body but growing strong muscles and athletic body structure is far from it. The girls have to bear this and only those can continue who do not care much. Also women are considered inferior to men. They also tolerate politics in the campus through which they are meant to get selected. As a coach women are still not appointed and having a male coach also risk sexual harassment – the most feared scenario by the parents, since it is not practically possible that their parents accompany them all the time.

India has produced very good athletes but if we talk to them individually they have told the strong level of obstructions they faced that they did not deserve. Every one of them had a common mindset of being extremely positive and that they did not let their fear come in their way. Instead their will power, determination and passion for the sports grew even more! What message does it spread? It clearly indicates that no matter what extent one faces issues only the strong will is able to lead towards the success.

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