By Anjaly Arun

Natural home remedies to remove dark circles


The dark discoloration around your eyes is known as dark circles. Very famous among women, it do happen to men as well. Dark circles are nothing less than a nightmare that makes you look older or it makes you feel unhealthy. Dark circles can appear because of several reasons such as hormonal change, lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle change, etc.. People go for an array of treatments to get rid of the dark patches, but while opting the various options one has to remember that the area under your eyes is one of the most sensitive and need extra care. The shops are flooded with Creams and lotions that promise to help you to remove it quickly, but most of them contains chemicals so the best thing is to start with natural products. There are several natural home remedies for dark circles that our ancestors has been using since time unknown that can be used to treat dark circles. Since natural remedies starts its work from the roots, these may take some time to develop results, but then it is safer than chemicals. Here are some natural home remedies for dark circles that can be highly beneficial for your skin as well.

1) Tomatoes

Tomatoes can be used to lighten your dark circles. Since it is easily available and low cost, most people prefer it. Both intake and application have strong effect to remove dark circles. What you need is to make a mix with 1 teaspoon tomato juice with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and apply area under your eyes. Keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. You can also drink tomato juice with a lemon squeezed in it once a day in order to get rid of dark circles.


Potato contains natural bleaching agents so it is best to lighten your dark circles. Raw potato juice is a natural skin lightner. Make small cotton balls and dip into raw potato juice and leave it for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and place this cotton over your eyes and leave it for 10 minutes and after wash off with plain water.

3)Tea bags

This is another simple and easily available home remedy. Soak tea bag in water for some time. After that place in refrigerator to chill. Place the chilled tea bag over your eyes for a while. For better result you can use green tea bag or chamomile on regular basis.

4)Rose water

Rose water is well known for its beauty qualities. Soak cotton balls in rose water for a while and place over your eyes for about 15 minutes. After that wash off with cold water. Repeat it for about a month to get better results.

Home remedies to remove dark circles naturally

5) Almond oil

Almond oil being a completely natural product is an excellent home remedy for dark circles. Apply some almond oil over your eyes and massage gently. Leave it in overnight. The next day washes if off with cold water.

6) Cucumber

You can see that many of the beauty treatments include a sliced cucumber placed over the eyes. Cucumber has an amazing power in lightening dark circles. Slice a fresh cucumber into round pieces and refrigerated for half an hour and apply it into the affected area. Let it sit on there for about 30 minutes and wash it off. Cucumber doesn’t only lighten dark circles, but also provide freshness to the eyes.


7) Milk Cream

You can use Milk cream or Cold milk, both are easily available in the market. Using the ring finger, massage under the eye with cold milk or milk cream before going to bed. This will moisturize and condition your delicate under eye skin.

8) Mint leaves

Crush up some mint leaves and apply it to your under eye area. Wait for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water. For better results mix mint leaves with some lemon or olive oil.

These are tested formulas for dark circles which gives you relief without having to supply much chemicals.


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