By Ankita Purohit

How Can A Woman Carry out her daily task efficiently?!

When I quote the term “time management” I simply do not mean to refer only those women who go to office and handle household chores but instead also point out towards those who earn through work-at-home and at the same time perform household activities as well. I want to jot down some tips and tricks of time management at workplace and home. The following habits are relevant for both the cases.

How to manage time efficiently

First of all make a habit of ‘Early to bed and early to rise’. That’s a quote taken from a kindergarten book of poems but it actually works. If you sleep around 10 pm and wake up at 5 or 6 am, the habit will eventually make you more efficient in doing most tasks. If you rise early you can plan your whole day that which work is of utmost priority to you, both at home and workplace. If you do not go to office but work at home for earning then also this habit will lead you towards meeting the deadlines.

Do not get distracted by chats or messages. If possible keep your phone away from you and only pick it up if someone calls. You will notice that you will be able to concentrate on your tasks much better than before. If you are working at home and have to prepare the meals in between set a time for that too and do that accordingly. Involve in that kind of cooking that does not need much of time consumption. If you live in a joint family then it is better in seeking help like taking care of kids while you work or go for work. If you do not live in a joint family then choose the most suitable time like when your children go to school or when they sleep. This avoids useless interruptions.

Effecient time management

Those women who go out for work usually send their kids to play schools. Involve your husband in helping you out, at least in doing very small tasks that doesn’t need much training like handling the washing machine, or playing with kids, etc. It is you who can decide what time suits you best.

Make a to-do-list of shopping for monthly grocery or clothes or accessories, or anything else. This will save the weekdays’ time and you will be able to get involved in other daily tasks with quantity as well as quality.

Also prioritize your work. If you have to check the emails, set the time for that too. Never make your work pending. This will always make you occupied with lots of task that won’t seem to get done ever. Never choose to be a night owl, i.e. never plan to work at nights. It is not successful in most cases since you will need to wake up late in the morning to have a plenty of sleep but certain responsibilities won’t allow you doing so.

A to-do List for effective Time Management

It is best if you keep a separate room for doing tasks in the case of work from home. This prevents from several distractions. For those who work from home initially it seems very beneficial since going office needs 10 to 12 hours and traveling to workplace also consumes some time, but once a lady starts doing so, several challenges come on her way like preparing tiffins for kids, getting them ready, sending them school, picking them up again, cleaning home, etc. In such a case it won’t be possible to work for like 5 or 6 hours consistently. You will have to make a time frame of 2 hours each or 4 hours each, depending on your circumstances. Set a time for cooking and aim to get that task done when the time is over. Likewise set a time limit for every task. Time management makes a person more efficient. You will notice a great change within yourself. After just a few months you will be more active in accomplishing tasks within less time frame and that will be great!

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