By Suhana Keeranthodika

How do Work-from-home jobs become Environment-Friendly?

Turning your home into your workplace doesn’t just mean getting to show up to work in your night pants. Work from home job is way more beneficial to people as well as to the environment.By cutting commutes, reducing fashion consumption, and allowing companies to downsize their office spaces. If everyone whose work can be done at home got the chance to telecommute, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions much lesser.

If you ever felt like an environmentally responsible person, read on. Many individuals these days are on the view for ways to improve the environment while they enhance their bank accounts at the same time. Parents who focus on the future of careers are now pushing their children to be engineers and doctors in the renewable energy industry. To be serious, people who are aware of the current condition of the earth are looking for jobs where a direct positive effect on the environment is surely visible. As a result, a growing number of organizations are converting eco-friendly, promoting their expertise to provide profitable employment openings in the green workforce. Yet if you think about it, there is a portion of the workforce that may not have a direct link to any environmental or eco-friendly industry and yet almost by definition includes the greenest workers around. Yes, they are work from home employees around the world.

When people discuss the advantages of working from home, saving the environment usually is not at the top of their list. Actually even as a work from home employee myself, I wasn’t much aware of the environmental benefit I contribute until I read my colleague’s one sentence in her blog which I instantly liked. Other more apparent gains typically get are, for example, things like freedom of choice, comfort, and flexibility. But when you think about it, one of the most important invisible impacts of working from home is the hugely positive effect it can have on the environment. In fact, there are many eco-friendly advantages that result from substituting the regular office commute with a workday in the home office. Here are a few of them.

  1. Your carbon footprint is reduced. Driving a car or traveling in any vehicle is just about the most air polluting exercise an average person can join. And yet this is how the large majority of workers commute back and forth to their offices every day. Car-pools and shared traveling have received a good welcome but still, people prefer individual vehicles due to fear of safety and privacy. When you start working from the amount of benefit you get by not traveling is equal to the easiness to breathe for people and for environment.How does Work-from-home jobs become Environment Friendly?
  2. Even eating at home makes earth greener. The life at corporates is typically urban. Not everyone carries their lunch eco-friendly containers and reusable bags. Most of them buy food, use one-time usable containers. And for the large portion of office-workers who like to leave the office for a while, hop in the car/bike, and go out to eat often. This again is adding another component to their carbon footprint above and beyond the everyday commute to and from the house. But those who work at home can eat there and spend most of the time avoiding traffic and eat-outs.
  3. Less usage of paper. While working from office a lot of papers and other office supplies are required by employees. And you will use good quality papers and books even for scribbling. While working at home most of the written communication will be made through emails. Maybe instead you can use the backs of already-used sheets of scrap paper. Recycling is rebirth!
  4. Large Office space is conserved. Every person who works from home is one person minus who needs to use an extra space resource when he or she goes to work. Your home is going to be there whether you utilize it or not. But the space your company needs to serve its employees can be conserved when fewer employees are expected to fill it.
  5. You are the decision-maker of your environment. Think about all the tools and supplies that you need in an office, from the desk to the papers. Then consider all of these things in eco-friendly versions. When you are at the office, you are at the aid of your organization’s decision-makers, who sometimes give a higher preference to other concerns over environmental awareness. But at home, these decisions are your own. You can make sure that your light bulbs are compact fluorescents rather than high volt incandescent, and your paper is reused and recycled and you do not need an automated water tap which often wastes a lot of water!

Environmental accountability comes in many aspects and forms. Sometimes it is profoundly noticeable and very visible. Other times it is not. Working from home is very unquestionably one of them and in many respects can be granted the ultimate green move.
Companies are always looking for beneficial moves when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Shifting to a more adaptable, productive, and cost-beneficial way of working, by providing work-from-home opportunities, is absolutely a success because it results to impact the environment as well and business.

At Ayoti, we empower women in many ways, we provide work from home employments, art and craft sales platform, self-defense classes for groups, etc. but ultimately we do our part to the environment as well. The networks of women working from their homes have reduced their carbon emission by bypassing the daily commute. We build a sustainable society!

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