By Ankita Purohit

How much ego is actually necessary?

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Well to specifically define this term ‘ego‘, it simplistically implies to one’s own (false) perception towards self. The more it develops the less an individual is susceptible to receiving more knowledge. It is directly proportional to too much of self-satisfaction and arrogance. Anybody can develop this at any point of life and once it magnifies it brings destruction to relationships and spoils one’s own career as well. So, should one not keep ego at all?

Ego is responsible for enormous relationship massacre, but I must not say that it must be entirely nullified. If someone is highly stressed out or depressed is because he/she has lowered too much his/her guard down. At this very point, they need to boost it till they are mentally ready to face the everyday challenges. The reasons for getting one’s own vulnerability exposed could be any and we cannot blame that only ‘certain’ sect of individuals are too ‘weak’ and ‘available’. Let’s face it, we all had gone through similar situations or will be in the future because we humans are wired to getting attached to at least someone in this world who does not give a damn of our intense concern; be it the spouse, or children or sibling or a close friend. For those who never felt anything till date or are technically ‘robotic’, my sympathies are with you!

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With time we grow mature, and learn many things and balancing our egos is in no denial. By the term ‘balancing’ I mean to say that neither we should make ourselves too much available to anybody, nor we must be in the position to deny others’ existence. Most relationships end due to holding too many grudges within silently taking shape for many years, but weren’t expressed directly from both the parties. The reason – Why must I initiate, why not him/her?

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There also exists this other side of the story at times in which only one person pleases another the entire time. He/she finally ‘wakes up’ and decides to walk away. Sometimes we as individuals care too much because we believe that emotional bonding and rational thinking cannot coexist which is true indeed, but we fail to realize that we bury our own self-respect. Only one party compromises isn’t a welcoming step and therefore moving on is the best decision one could make. We may hate this person to the extent that we feel better off without their presence in our life and that is a natural response; we may also feel anxious or guilty of not understanding him/her or not ‘talking’ directly but believe me once you are over him/her you will be giving tons of thanks to yourself. This is because some people are simply crazy or probably psychopath who literally cherish through manipulating humans for their personal gain and we just cannot understand their endless mind-messing games. And you, my friend, will understand this only when you escape from their aura, both physically and emotionally. You were never at fault, it’s always them. You deserve respect. Period!

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The point I want to make is always to make this right balance. Do not overshadow your self-importance that you lose the ones who ‘once’ cared for you, nor make yourself too available that your existence doesn’t matter to anybody.

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