By Alma Pensando

How to deal with the issues faced by women in today’s world!

7:30 AM- a woman is gang raped in a moving car in Delhi…..7:32 AM- a call centre employee is abducted and sexually assaulted in Bengaluru…….7:38 AM- a Ola cab driver tries to molest a lady in Mumbai……….the list just goes on and on.

Rape/moleestation/assault on women

National Crime Records reveals shocking information that every day around 93 rape cases are being reported in various parts of India. Therefore women safety has become a major concern these days.

First and foremost, women need to be aware about the surrounding they are dealing with and should always stay alert. If you have night shifts, make sure that you are boarding a bus or cab with thoroughly verified crew members and see that GPS devices are functioning properly. Another thing to be taken care of is your body language. If you project yourselves as a timid and frightened personality, there are high chances that you might catch attacker’s attention and you would end up making yourselves look vulnerable to them. Stand and speak with confidence and pretend to be familiar with the place even though you might be there for the first time.

Also, learning self-defense moves and strategies would be another important measure for protecting oneself. Never give the attacker the idea that you are weak and helpless and fight back if required to do so. Make sure you aim for the eyes and groins since a hard kick or hit on such areas can surely give you some time to escape. Another area where sexual predators roam to search their prey is on social networking sites. Never give any personal information such as name, home address, work location, etc. to strangers and keep a distance with them. If, in case of any stalking and constant messaging from them, block them immediately or report it to the cyber cell.

The self defence act for women

Government and other legal bodies can also work towards the betterment and safety of their female citizens. It is a common pitiable sight to see accused people getting bails or even walking out free from the court. Unless strict and harder punishments are implemented for rapes and other assaults on women, this scenario will continue further with more and more gruesome acts being committed on women. Setting up specially trained female police officers in railway coaches and other public transportation system is a good way to counter such issues. Recently, Kochi Metro has decided to recruit transgenders as customer relations executives, which is also an ideal way to ensure women safety as they are physically capable of overpowering a male attacker.

Above all, the greatest and important change should begin from our homes. If parents keep justifying and supporting all the eve teasing and other things done by adolescent boys on girls by saying “Boys will be boys”, then the future will be no different. They should be taught to respect women and protect her if she in helpless situations, rather than taking advantage of the situation and harming her. Bringing up children with no gender discrimination is an effective way to mould up a better society.


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