How to decorate your home for Xmas?

We as children have always wanted to celebrate Christmas every year, and no matter how old we get, we still love celebrating Christmas. As children,  the different styles of stars that got trending in the markets attracted us. But for the last few years, I couldn’t celebrate Christmas the way it used to be. Still, I hung a star but didn’t do many decorations at home.

 We all get the spirit of Christmas by the end of November. At that time, we can see the rise in demand for Christmas decor items and even food.

Christmas is the day Lord Jesus was born, and we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ that day. We also decorate the crib early in the morning, where we keep the baby Christ statue and many decorations. We practiced Christmas carols the previous nights to ensure we were the best while performing.



 Getting prepared for Christmas is one of the most important tasks during the month. We start by cleaning the house, making space for the Christmas tree and crib, checking electricity, and finding a place to hang the star. We have to check up on so many minor things before the celebration.


I still remember when the white Christmas tree came to demand at my place. As time passed, many things changed, and many new trends came. My grandpa used to say that they had no way to buy the decor items and cribs, so they made it using straws, and he made the star with his cousins and friends. Some families purchased new clothing along with decor items. Though customs and practices differ while celebrating this festival, feelings remain the same.


The first food item that comes into our minds when we hear about Christmas is plum cakes and wine. Wines add different fun to the celebration. A variety of wines are available in the market during Christmas and the most common one is grapes. Some people prepare gingerbreads for Christmas. For most people, meat is a must during Christmas. Puddings, candy canes, etc., come under sweets. People living abroad prepare turkey, yule logs, and hams for Christmas. As Christmas is the time of love, kindness and sharing, many charity works happen during that time of the month. For example, delivering homemade foods to the orphanages are more during Christmas.


 We all love decorating our house during Christmas. When I was young, I helped my elders hang the decorations on Christmas trees. My dad used to do the light fitting. Still, now my mom is in charge of all the activities during Christmas. She then divides the activities between me, my dad, and my sibling. We are to blow up the balloons and attach the parts of the tree. And mom decors our home the best way. I used to look at the whole process like a fan of hers.


I believe the whole of December makes you feel the vibe of Christmas. So at my house, the celebrations come to an end only after the end of December, i.e., after the new year. After the celebrations, we enter a new year with new feelings and resolutions with our loved ones. Even if they are far away, we call them and wish for them. For the same, we complete all the decor activities a few days before Christmas. We share cake and wine with our loved ones on the celebration occasion. We invite friends to come over and celebrate together. People living abroad miss the celebrations at their native places, so most celebrate it wherever they are with friends and inmates.


Peace, in a sense, no one gets hurt in the way we celebrate. Some celebrate Christmas by using firecrackers, leading to the worst experiences. We have to make sure that our surroundings are not harmed due to how we celebrate. We should also consider that animals around our houses are not harmed. All these aside, let’s celebrate this vacation with our dear ones, decorate our homes, share love and happiness.