How’s Ayoti different from other women empowerment organisations?

 How's Ayoti different from other women empowerment organisations?

Women’s empowerment is defined as encouraging women’s self-esteem, ability to make their own decisions, and right to shape progressive change for themselves and others.

It’s related to female empowerment, the basic human right necessary for a more peaceful and successful world.

Women’s empowerment and protecting women’s rights have become a prominent worldwide movement breaking new grounds over the recent years. International Women’s Empowerment Day, for example, is gaining popularity.

Nonetheless, despite significant improvements, women and girls continue to experience harassment and prejudice in every country.

Why is the empowerment of girls and women so necessary?

Women’s empowerment is necessary for the health and growth of families, communities, and nations.

Women can achieve their highest potential when they are living in safe, happy, and productive surroundings. They can contribute their skills to businesses while also maintaining a happier and healthier family. They can also support the growth of today’s business and benefit society and humanity as a whole.

Education is a crucial aspect of this empowerment. Girls who have an education can eventually pursue fulfilling a contribution to their country’s economy. 

How is Ayoti empowering women?

Women and girls who are healthy, educated, and empowered are trendsetters, according to us.

Women and girls have opportunities to stand up for their rights and advocate for their societies when they are encouraged. They can also improve their social position, which they can pass down to the next generation.

This means that women’s organisations, empowerment laws, and charities can gather popularity and help build a better society.

AYOTI is a women’s organisation that seeks to address issues that women have to encounter. AYOTI translates to “hope for a bright future,” which provides women hope. We work to create and advocate standards and create a platform where every aspiring girl and woman can use her potential to the fullest to achieve her dreams.

An independent woman who has the freedom and the means to live her life on her own and to pursue her aspirations. She is somebody who has faith in herself, her abilities, and her destiny. The best way to be independent and strong is to be financially stable, which promotes women empowerment.

What sets us apart?

Equal opportunities for women

Whether you are a multitasking mother of two or a fresher who just finished graduation, we offer equal opportunities for all. Based on your passion and calibre, we train you and provide online job breaks that will help you evolve yourself while becoming more professionally stable.

Supporting Social causes

We understand the plight of underprivileged women who are unable to help themselves due to many restraints. We provide an open platform for women and help equal themselves in many professions by providing training and support to choose a career of their choice. Unlike yesteryears, women are becoming independent and want to be professionally stable and financially free. We provide work from home jobs for women to handle both professional and personal lives while getting a fixed income.

The Paritrana Initiative

With the attacks on women growing every day, self-defence has become a priority to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Fighting back is the only option she has when a woman is in danger.

Ayoti Technologies initiated the Paritrana movement that provides self-defence training to women to fight back against crime, especially when alone. We provide a self-defence training programme, ‘Paritrana’, that helps women learn personal safety habits and effective strategies to free themselves from challenging situations.

Health and Safety Basic Life Classes

Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, any time, without any warning. Acting fast can help you save someone’s life. We provide CPR training that includes Occupational Health & Safety training for people who aren’t familiar with real-time medical emergencies. AHA certified trainers conduct the training, and you will get CPR and BLS certification for partaking in this program. It will teach you what to do when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. The CPR training isn’t limited to cardiac arrest but also trains you to handle choking, drowning, epilepsy, food poisoning, road accidents, falls, lifestyle diseases, electrocution, burns, and snakebites. This basic life support training will help you to respond promptly until the emergency services arrive.


Ayoti supports women and helps them learn advocacy skills which they use in different stages of their life. Raising awareness about women’s rights has been dormant till now and needs to be voiced out. It’s about time. It’s up to you and us to fight discrimination and promote equality. Empowering women through health and wellbeing, educational programs will increase their ability and opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.