Simple Stress busting formula for Women

Stress could happen to anybody anytime of any age and any gender. People these days are more prone to stress because of the activities in which they are involved on daily basis. Students are under constant stress because of the continuous pressure family and society puts on them to perform well and get good grades. An employee is burdened with deadlines and so he/she also has some level of stress. If any of your family member gets severely ill it is quite natural reaction for you to get stressed out for days. Temporary stress is normal but if somebody puts it on for so many days and it doesn’t seem to go then they need external help. Here are some of the practices that lead to stress-free life:

Meditation for Stress
Meditation for Stress Relief

1. Meditation

The meditation process involves deep breathing on repeated basis initially to calm down the mind. Once the mind is at its peaceful state a person is suggested to remain as it is for a few minutes so that he/she is with nobody else, but themselves. If done on daily basis even for 5 to 10 minutes, it is of great help when it comes to dealing with any kind of psychological issue, be it stress, anxiety and depression. People practicing meditation on daily basis have a very positive attitude towards life which cannot be described in words here.

2. Sleep
SLeep as Stress Buster

One needs to have an undisturbed sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily. If you do not do so, your mind won’t be able to work with high efficiency and hence decreased performance and increased stress levels.

3. Talking
Talking with friends for Stress Relief

For women, talking to loved one is very necessary. If they don’t get anyone while they feel insecure their level of stress and anxiety increases even more. So, talk to somebody you feel connected to. It could be anyone, for instance, your best friend, mother, sister, cousin, etc. If you feel that there is no one around when you need them the most talk with a professional psychiatrist. He/she will provide you with practical solutions since the thoughts coming in your mind are going to have an impact on how you are accomplishing your tasks. If you are sad and frustrated you will require more time to do your job, which is unacceptable in office.

4. Exercise

The Best Exercise for Stress:

The workout does wonders both to the body and the mind. So, do not mind sweating and hit the gym. You may also do cycling, swimming, dancing, yoga or any other outdoor sports if you find gym boring. Exercising helps in balancing the hormones, circulates the blood to every cell and tissue, enhances the body’s immunity and improves the mood. If you are overweight or obese, you will get more fit as well, an icing on the cake, isn’t it? Don’t worry if you look fit and fine already. Do mild exercise and eat healthy on regular basis to be in shape. You will also notice a significant improvement in your skin’s quality. Improved blood pressure, remember?

5. Hobbies
Reduce stress with your favorite hobbies
Join a hobby class. This could be related to music, art or sports. You might have thought that you are pretty good at it, but then there is always space for improvement. Hobbies divert a person from daily chores of work and in return he/she can keep his/her stress at bay.

6. Eating habits
Stress relieving vegetables
Have green leafy vegetables, eggs, milk, beans, berries, etc. on daily basis. Also whenever you cook anything use baked, boiled or grilled method. Starting your day with herbal green tea is what you need as best stress busting formula. Do have it at least twice in a day.

Above points are proven methods for stress relief. You have to recognize yourself that you need help. Once you start doing any one or more of these activities you will be mentally healed with time. Just the thing is you need to remain patient for a few weeks. A daily dose of positivity is essential as well. Say to yourself that anything which is going on currently shall pass and you will deal with everything, no matter how difficult it sounds.

It is also important to avoid junk foods and sugary treats as long as possible. The sugar seems very comforting during stressful days but it does no good to anybody for long run. It imbalances the hormones and enables a person putting on weight. It also is responsible for diabetes and high cholesterol. So, better if you minimize such things. The alcohol and caffeinated drinks also have negative impact upon health. The alcohol degrades the liver and overdose of caffeine isn’t good for the mental state. Hence, avoid such things as well.

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