By Ankita Purohit

Simple ways to include fruits in your kids daily diet

As a mother it is really difficult to convince the kids for eating something nutritious and healthy because they always divert towards eatables like pastries, chocolates, ice creams, etc. on a regular basis. Whatever market offers to us contains loads of sugar which is not good for child’s health. Fruits, on the other hand, contain natural sugars that are easily digestible in the body, thereby providing adequate amount of energy. Tell them this or that is healthy, they will be the first to deny it since they find eating fruits as a whole quite boring! You will therefore need some tips and tricks to make them eat indirectly. Below are some of them.

How to include fruits in your kids diet

1. Make smoothies and milkshakes: Milkshakes are children’s favorite. Blend together the pulp of any fruit of your choice, be it mango, banana, avocado, strawberries, etc., milk and honey in a mixer jar and garnish it with dried fruits and nuts while serving. Use transparent glasses since the color of the milkshake matter to them very much. You may also try using yogurt in place of milk. Rest of the ingredients are same. You may try mix and match of two or more different fruits with the same recipe.

Protien rich Smoothies for Kids

2. Use avocado in place of butter: Use avocado while making sandwiches, or cakes as part of ingredients as well as for greasing the base. There is a drastic difference in the number of calories when you shift from butter to avocado. Don’t worry they won’t know about this since avocados are not recognizable if mixed with other stuff.

Avocado sandwich for kids

3. Make fruit salad: Cut all the fruits of your choice such as blueberries, strawberries, bananas, mangoes, oranges, apples, etc. Mix them all well and then add yogurt to this mixture. Now sprinkle a pinch or two of salt plus cumin powder. This makes really delicious recipe and your kids will love it for sure.

Yummy Fruti Salad For Kids

4. Prepare fruit cream: Just as above cut all the fruits of your choice. Now blend some cream in a mixer or hand blender along with honey. Add the fruits into it and give it to your children. They will demand for this recipe again!

healthy fruit cream for kids

5. Prepare juice at home: Instead of buying tinned and canned juices, prepare the juice at home by taking out the pulp, adding honey and water to it, and then finally blending them altogether with ice cubes. Serve it to your kids with a colorful straw.

Tasty & Healthy juices for Kids

6. Do not keep unhealthy snacks in plenty like chips, biscuits, etc.: Save this stuff for the guests and tell them that they can have those only occasionally. Children are quite active in finding that and sneak in whenever they feel hungry. Keep fruits instead. If they feel hungry they will then have only that option.

7. Develop their interest in eating at least two different variety of fruits: That is only possible if you eat these things with utmost interest. Make clear positive facial expressions while having your fruits like – “Wow this is too good! I so love it! Wanna try?”

8. Prepare a tasty dip: Use dips like nutella chocolate spread, or melt solid chocolate as a dip for the fruits like strawberries, bananas, apples, mangoes, etc. There is a wide variety of fruit dip recipes over the internet that could be followed as well.

Fresh fruit dips for kids

9. Prepare everything in advance: For instance, make fruit salad, fruit cream or cut fruits, and keep them in the refrigerator. Kids tend to sneak into the fridge whenever hungry and then may have already prepared meals.

10. Add fruits to your kids favorite dishes:  Add fruits to anything you make like muffins, pancakes, brownies, etc. You may also use the fruits as stuffing. They won’t be able to find out this and you will be a happy mom, giving your kids good food.

11. Make visually appealing fruit plate: As I said earlier children are much into the appearance and the color of whatever they eat serve them everything by decorating their plate. This could be done by forming a shape of a smiley or an animal, topping with chocolate sauce, or garnishing with nuts or cherries.

Tasty & Lovely fruit platter for kids

12. Add fruits to specific occasions like birthday parties or sleepovers: Children eat when they see other children eating. Such occasions would be a great opportunity for you if you really want them have whatever you wish.

Make a deal of bargain with them. For example, if they want to eat ice cream, ask them to have some fruits before that, then only they will be rewarded with ice cream.

Grow the fruit(s) in your garden if the climatic condition is suitable. Plant the tree and instruct your child to take care of it like watering. Tell him or her that this plant will grow into a big tree and that tree will grow fruits that he or she can eat. This is one of the best techniques to make them curious about the upcoming fruit and they will definitely eat it.

Avoid over burdening them. If you instruct them what to eat all the time they will never develop interest in healthy meals. Instead they will be more diverted towards doing exactly opposite. Fruits are great and if your children start loving fruits, you will one of the luckiest moms. But at times also allow them having other stuff.

One more trick also works in most cases. Children are wired to be interested in eating only those things that are served to their fellow members and not them, count toddlers and teens both in this case. Make something different and attractive and act as if you are not going to give it to them, but other family members. They will automatically get diverted towards it and then you are free to accept their pleasing proposal!

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