By Ankita Purohit

Things that women hear when they don’t apply makeup

Whether one should apply makeup or not is a personal choice. Many women like this very idea and are quite innovative in doing many kinds of experiments, and there are others who do not wear it in most occasions. Spectators have either of these two kinds of judgements for those who apply it – 1) She looks stunning and absolutely perfect, 2) She is better off without it. So what’s to be done, either go natural or learn and practice it on daily basis. There are several occasions like going to pubs or exotic dines where looking elegant becomes essential. But there are also times when you are running late for the office or simply want to visit a supermarket; applying makeup doesn’t sound practical in either of the cases. So, here are some basic sayings of fellow members that conclude precisely quick, and yes that’s a bit annoying!

Things that women hear when they don't apply makeup

1. You didn’t sleep properly last night. Did you?

Well, mates! Is it necessary to always put on eye-liner, kajal and/or mascara every single day? No, I wasn’t drunk last night. I didn’t cry either. I had my sleep for 7 straight hours. Why not give a break for a while and better bare it all. This isn’t clothing. This is grooming oneself and I feel really great at times when I do not have to worry while rubbing my eyes and face anytime because I have nothing on it.

2. Look! This eye-shadow/liner/lipstick/foundation suits you. Come on, give it a try!

This statement is commonly said to those who are not habitual of wearing makeup most of the times. The reason why they choose no makeup is because they have probably tried it before and didn’t like the idea of doing that themselves. They know that that looks fake unless a professional tries his/her hands on them.

3. Your under eyes/acne marks/blemishes really need covering

Covering is necessary when you are going to special occasions like a date or a formal office function. Still there are some women who wouldn’t mind flaunting their real appearance with confidence. This doesn’t mean that they did nothing at all. It is just that they have kept it minimal with cleansing their face, applying a light creme followed by a touch of little eye makeup and a light colored lip gloss. Hence, it is up to you whether or not you want to conceal your flaws.

Women without makeup

4. Is it some kind of feminist movement?

What? Seriously? I am not sure what to say on this matter. Yes, I am a feminist and I do support women’s equal rights. But I am certainly against those movements where opportunity-ing to bashing men occurs whenever one ‘feels’ violated because the concept of he-did-not-like-the-real-me emerged; despite of these so-called ‘violated beings’ do judge men based on their dressing sense and overall body structure. Please do not relate these two different issues. My life, my choices. Period.

5. Don’t you care about your looks at all?

Was it even legitimate? I am a woman, so I always cared about how I appear while presenting myself to public gatherings. The thing is I am more into real appearance because I do not think I have many flaws. If you cannot handle your bare looks, please go with concealing everything. My views are different that yours. Deal with it!

6. What will you teach your (future) daughter?

This question doesn’t make any sense because we are surrounded by the internet everywhere. Since ancient time the desire of us women to look beautiful hasn’t stopped yet and this makeup thing has evolved as well. Therefore, even if I have plenty of knowledge myself, this wouldn’t stop my daughter from seeking suggestions from elsewhere. So, my daughter will learn that via going through YouTube’s makeup tutorials or by taking suggestions from her friends, if she is so interested in creativity. I, on the other hand, will give her my honest opinions whether a particular type of appearance suits her or not; since I am a grown up woman myself and ‘know’ what is the right thing to do when it comes to dressing up elegantly. Obviously I have tried tons of things till date. But how she wants to look will be completely her decision.


The point here I want to explain is, everyone is different. I do not mean to insult those women who are more comfortable with wearing makeup everyday or in most occasions. But this isn’t a necessity for literally everyone. Having varying opinions on a matter is what makes us all distinct. Isn’t it?

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