By Suhana Keeranthodika

Inspire instead of Gossiping! Why do people gossip? Psychology of Gossiping

Ladies, it’s time that we all should realize the need to understand each other. Every individual has their own life which differs from others and so is their own problems. Fortunately and naturally, now women have grown better in understanding. (Now men have taken over the duty of gossiping and backbiting more, have you noticed? LOL). Women can inspire people around more compared to men. Women are created patient and vivacious!

Don’t ever take gossiping as a tool to make a new friendship or relationship. That will surely have a boomerang effect and put the person’s image down. When a person is being discussed by other two people they don’t know what exactly is going through the other’s life. The fact may be that, once we acknowledge the other person’s problems we might feel sorry and forever the guilt will stay. So in every sense, it is always better to stop discussing other people in their absence.

It is okay to share our own anxiety and sorrows and be a support to each other, but it shouldn’t be by excavating someone else. Discussions can be productive, for example, by inspiring others to do something they are talented in or like to do. We can help each other through tiny initiations which we can do and which they cannot. There will be a science behind everything. Hence now, we will see the psychology of gossips and inspirations.

Psychology of Gossiping (Why do people gossip?)

Do you know something? Gossips are being sold like hot buns these days in news business markets. Celebrity gossips, Hollywood celebrity gossips, Bollywood celebrity gossips, etc. are selling fast. That shows the basic nature of human beings. We have a tendency to look into others’ lives. If it is others’ downfall we are happier! Some of the best books are biographies that recount the life narratives of other people. You know even the trendiest social website Facebook is climbing success with the same strategy. Most of us will have a natural curiosity about what is going on with others.


Is there anything scientific about Gossips?

There are few reasons for gossiping which are proven by researchers. For example, people who don’t feel great about themselves will be better at talking about others negatively. When people can’t make engaging informational discussions or ideas, gossips excite people. People gossip in order to bother those whose popularity, talents, or lifestyle envy them. Sometimes people also gossip to be a part of a group. It is more of a peer pressure, so as to please those in their surroundings; although, they might not be genuinely interested. Always remember “people who gossip with you will gossip about you”.

How to deal with Gossips?

According to me, to be a part of a gossiping group is a guilt later. At the same time, I don’t know how to scoot out from a situation and break the conversation either. Instead what I do is, I don’t take part in the conversation interestingly. From that, a gossipier usually understands if we are not willing to take the conversation forward. Researchers suggest a few methods to unwelcome a negative gossiping conversation. For instance:

  1. Don’t be that person who listens to backbite others in their absence.
  2. Imagine yourself in the same situation and also think about that person who is being discussed comes in and hear what is being discussed, how bad and down he/she must be.
  3. Remember what it feels like spreading rumours about you.
  4. Try to highlight others positive characters when someone is making fun or talking negative comment about them.

There are plenty of things to discuss in this world, a lot of productive, happy, inspiring and beautiful memories of yesterdays.


Inspire each other and keep everyone’s spirit high!

When I talk about inspiration I am not considering the daily inspirational quotes we receive. The real inspiration, live one with breath and energy that is what I am talking about. Everyone will have at least few inspiring friends, I have a bunch including my spouse. They made a huge difference in my life. I was the one who sat at home as a housewife for 10 years (though, that is one great duty) without believing in my own potential and passion. I liked to write, my friends pushed me to make that a career. Now, I have a job and love what I do. It is important to keep inspiring friends and to keep negative people a little far in life. Inspirations obviously have results! And the fact is that “we go through the worst to get to the best”.

How to inspire others to live a happy life?

Listen! Just as we took the stand against gossips without giving ear to listen. In this case always be a good listener to those who speak about their desires and aspirations. Listen to those who wish to improve, who share their (fear of) decline and difficulties, and always be a part of a productive communication. Motivation is also a kind of inspiration. Inspire others by sharing the credit for something they did like a help. Appreciate the people around you for their successes. Inspire others by sharing your own influences is one way to make others do something.

Even a little firefly can make us happy. We are human beings and we have the ability to do anything we imagine. Let us be the light to lives! “Radiate Good Vibes”.


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