By Ankita Purohit

Why late pregnancy is the norm these days globally?

Crossed 30 years of age? Still in no mood to conceive? You are not the only one who thinks that way! There are even those out there who are of 35 years or more who either struggle with getting pregnant or are still thinking about it. There are several reasons behind that hold a woman from being a mother.

Why late pregnancy is the norm these days globally?

You might have heard that your women colleagues have given up their career for the sake of their family, to meet their demands, to give the family two or more children, because this is what their community demands. If they try to balance the family members, children with their jobs, they are often blamed for being “part-time mothers”, that they don’t like being called. The better option? Either don’t reproduce or stop dreaming!

The fertility rate among both men and women have started declining these days because of the fast lifestyle everyone follows. This too is one of the reasons why late pregnancy occurs. At first no women is ready to have a child but later if they do wish they no longer get the good news.

Gone are those days when women were married too early. Getting married in early years raised the chances of early pregnancy. At present, most parents prefer their girls to hold graduation or post-graduation degree. Then their daughters move to a different place since they get recruited at campus interviews. No matter their parents start searching grooms quite early but after actually earning, the guys don’t match their requirements. For instance, if a girl holds engineering degree from a renowned institution, she likely prefers that guy who has done masters as well. This is how the marriage delays. And late marriages implies late children since as long as they don’t have child post marriage, they don’t opt for giving up their jobs. Once their career takes shape, nobody wants to quit in the middle.

Preganancy & Career

Most ladies wish to have their own savings in bank accounts. There are also those who want to own a house and/or a vehicle. The demands are limitless. For that they are ready to give up the thought to start a motherhood, even deep down they do wish. There are women who work tirelessly to fulfill the loans that require several months or even years. Having a child seems expensive at this point because parents must earn sufficient money so that they could spend for their children to meet daily requirements such as medical care, food, clothing, school, etc. The necessities are endless.

Since the expenses are increasing with time men too want their wives being an earning source as well; even if they earn too much, having additional bucks wouldn’t hurt anyone. Many women admit that earning makes them independent, confident and fearless. There are several situations outside where they are able to deal which doesn’t require a male member. This is the reason why they want to stuck in such kind of lifestyle.

The major advantages of late parenthood are –

1. Better financial stability.

2. Ability to understand a child’s psychology and demands in a more mature way.

3. A sense of satisfaction because they have already achieved whatever they planned for, including career, financial stability, life as a single individual for years, visiting and exploring different places, etc.

4. Capability to deal with stressed out situations in a more positive way.

Following are the disadvantages of late motherhood –

1. Increased risk of seeking healthcare facilities since late pregnancy is the gateway to high cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

2. Heightened risk of C-section at the time of childbirth because of several complications that arise during this time.

3. Less energy to continuously work for the child that includes playing, teaching, cooking, chasing, feeding, etc.

4. Increased risk of having premature baby.

5. More chances of twins or triplets after crossing the age 35.

6. Heightened probability of miscarriages.

7. Increased possibility of having a child that suffers from down syndrome.

A woman has to take care of her health very seriously at later age since her habits like smoking, drinking, doing drugs affects the unborn child’s health. She needs to have a healthy diet following the doctor’s recommendation. She may also be prescribed some medications that she would be needed to take regularly to avoid complications for later.

Right now having children after around 4 years of marriage is quite common in India and that too because of the family pressure that these women have to deal with. There might come a point after few decades when people don’t have children at all, or unexpected still, don’t marry at the first place. There are also the cases of childless couples who have chosen to never have children at all. Medically it is recommended that a woman must hold her first pregnancy before she turns 30, but several situations don’t allow her to be. It all depends on the individual that she is physically as well as mentally ready and active to have a child.

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