By Gargi Gill

Amazing Natural Remedies for back pain in Women

The lower and upper back region could be achy and painful at times due to so many reasons. Work related stress, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, age factor, traveling, lifting heavy objects on daily basis, and lack of little to no physical activity throughout the day, are responsible for painful back. Women are more prone to backache than men because they bear physical exertion much more because every household chores as well as at workplace, they tolerate everything to the point of exhaustion. The following natural remedies for back pain in women are amazing and highly effective when it comes to seeking promising results.

1. Massage – Massaging one’s body at the affected region reduces significant level of pain if done properly and on a regular basis. Take out some time and massage your back with the help of somebody using warm mustard oil. You may also use other herbal oils such as eucalyptus oil, coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil in place of mustard oil.

Massage for Backache - Natural Home Remedy

2. Acupuncture – Acupuncture is usually done when you have an extremely painful chronic backache that doesn’t seem to go away. A good acupuncture therapist knows where exactly he needs to prick on the body some amount of very thin needles to provide back pain relief. These needles are inserted to strategic points at an appropriate depths. These are not highly painful but will provide somewhat prick and tingling sensation to a certain extent. The therapy provides positive results in most cases.

Acupuncture needles for backache

3. Hot water bag – Hot water bags are made of rubber in which hot water is filled. This is then used as a perfect natural remedy for back pain. The bag is made in contact with the affected area for quite a while and the warmth felt dilates the blood vessels, hence causing the relief after a few minutes. This is done on daily basis three-four times a day. It provides even better results if the back is massaged with any herbal oil and that is followed by the hot water bag for backache relief right after.

Hot water bags for Backache

4. Yoga – Yoga has so many body postures that involves a wide range of exercises, thereby helping to improve the full body circulation, including the back region. Yoga exercises such as surya namaskar (sun salutation), bhujangasana (cobra pose), chakrasana (wheel pose), balasana (child’s pose) marjaryasana (cat pose) and svanasana (dog pose) are considered ideal as natural remedies for backache in women as well as men. You may follow some or all making combination. Do not overdo the poses, else it may create injury to some other regions. The body posture is done to the extent of comfort only.

YOGA for backpain

5. Stretching – Stretching helps us remove the stiffness in the body and improve it to move in the full range of motion. This hence helps the muscles to work more efficiently and a person can better get involved in physical activities without any pain or injury. If someone is suffering from backache, stretching will help improvise the situation quite effectively well.

Effective natural remedy for Backpain

6. Meditation – Since people struggling with psychological issues like stress and depression are more prone to suffer from back pain, meditation will definitely help in relieving that. It is the practice for mind calming and therefore if done regularly will reduce the issue. A person must consult an expert before performing this because some level of understanding is required while doing this.

Meditation for Backpain - Natural Remedy

While sleeping one must keep the pillow just below the knees to get instant relief from extreme back pain. Start involving in habits like sports, aerobics, dancing, cycling, swimming, etc. at least thrice a week to keep your body’s blood circulation in check. Also limit your intake of having junk foods and habits like smoking, since these play a key role in increasing the pain in the back region. Foods that are rich in calcium and vitamins must be consumed on daily basis by the patient to combat the issue. These include milk, berries, dark leafy greens and citrus fruits.

The back pain could also be due to some injury, surgery, arthritis, ruptured disks, muscle or ligament strain. The effective measures for backache are helpful for normal acute to chronic back pain. Following the above steps may not help if there is a serious underlying cause. In that case, one must talk to registered practitioner of Orthopedics department for help.


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