Life of a Acid Attack Victim!

Acid attacks have been so common in the countries like India due to so many reasons. Think of a girl who goes out as usual for a job interview or coaching institute or office and someone appears all of a sudden, throws acid on her and runs away. This is not just confined to young and un-married girls but also who are married and face such kinds of acts by their husband. Most cases cover rejection of marriage proposals that the culprits couldn’t tolerate and out of anger they react abruptly. For married women out there, their husband doubt their character, do not want them working outside, or get angry because their wives don’t fulfill their greed of dowry.

acid attack victims

One cannot imagine the stages a lady goes through. It is not just the physical appearance that damages. It shatters them mentally and that scar remains with them for the rest of their life. I do not understand why cannot a person handle the denial. Selections and rejections are part of the life. We sometimes get rejected in a job interview. We may also not clear a few entrance examinations. Is it a big deal? You like a woman and you go ask her if she likes you back or not. It is either a yes or a no, so why uselessly keeping higher expectations. No one likes to hear a no if another individual becomes an obsession. But denial of a proposal is not the end.

A person who scars someone else’s life is a sadistic and always tends to connect happiness with certain goals that are not practical. They are highly egoistic as well and cannot bear that how his obsession could be beautiful and happy. If they cannot get it, they won’t let someone else take that as well. After all physical appearance matter to most people a lot when it comes to arrange marriages. You cannot marry her and you cannot let her marry too. The problem with this society is marriages are the ultimate goal for everyone. If a girl is too fat or too tall or possesses dark skin complexion then everyone in her family will be like ‘She is not going to get a desirable groom so easily’. And there comes acid attack! Who is going to marry her now? Plastic surgeries cost them a bulk to get treated.


Why is the government so helpless when we as its citizens ask for making stricter laws? The sale of acids is very common in almost every departmental stores to clean stuffs like bathroom tiles and is very cheap in purchasing, allowing practically anyone to buy it. First of all the sale of highly concentrated acids must be banned and even if it exists there could also be set limitations of the shops where these are accessible. A shopkeeper can keep record of the customer if he asks for acid through photo and an identity card. Since, everyone is into business, who cares about where the particular thing goes and for what purpose!

The outer appearance of a female means a lot to her and if someone snatches it from her, it takes several months or years to get actually recovered and face the world. It requires a whole new level of courage to get mixed up with common people since they will be the ones who are going to remind you the same story over and over again. As a third person, it is our duty to make such women comfortable in their own skin.

If someone takes a drastic action against you, it is because he cannot see you happy. Smile often as you can. Create an impact in the surroundings that you are happy. It literally kills those who hate you! Also be patient of the law and order. It is not that Indian judiciary system never punishes the criminals. It is just that it is way too slow due to lack of witnesses and proofs. As for marriage, do not worry about it. Now you can easily recognize who is actually into the Real You or just the materialistic possessions and an outer beauty!

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