By Ankita Purohit

List of the 5 most effective self defense devices

Security is of prime importance these days because of the increasing graph of crimes. A person could be vulnerable at certain places that is less crowded and such locations could be the attraction for those who intentionally want to commit a wrong act which is against the law. Generally, specific localities are avoided but, some people are just bound to walk through some unusual streets that they “know” isn’t friendly but they don’t have another choice. Crimes against women is greater as compared to men because, they are considered physically weak. Biologically, yes, they are comparatively weaker but it is their mental attitude towards men which has more of the role to play. Considering the opposite gender superior is what chains them from fighting.

1. Pepper spray – It contains the extracts of hot pepper plants (Oleoresin Capsicum) plus several other chemicals. Oleoresin Capsicum has inflammatory effects on the eyes, skin, nose etc. wherever it hits. This is really effective if you target the criminal right on his face. Do your research for the best quality to make sure that it always works when you target the attacker. Be careful of the distance, i.e. neither too far nor too near. It works several feet but make sure that the attacker isn’t aware of your intention else you might end up giving him the chance of snatching it from you and aiming you; even if he knows about this the timings must be very short so that he doesn’t get the chance of defending. The criminals chase their target very speedily. There must be a point in mind from where you have to act right away. The spray works everywhere that is exposed and is extremely irritant. It makes the criminal inactivated for half to one hour, quite much time for you to escape.

Pepper spray for self defence

2. Stun guns – There are times when pepper spray is not a good idea, due to the presence of fire or flames perhaps. Stun guns would then give you heightened hopes to getaway. The moment you switch the device ON the assailant is going to get an electric shock of about 700,000 volts. These are quite small that could be kept in a pocket, hanged as part of a key chain or concealed in a pack of cigarettes. These run on lithium batteries. The woman must make actual physical contact with the attacker to make it work, like grab his collar, target from behind if he faces you and is very close, because the device must touch his body. It is a direct confrontation so the woman must be confident enough to handle negative scenarios courageously.

stun guns for self defence

3. Tasers – These too emit electric current but can be aimed from a distance of nearly 15 feet or less. The size is not too less like the former one and cannot fit in a pocket or in a key chain. Any person can use it even if she hasn’t used the real pistol, but used a TV remote to change the channels several times. These are thus easier to aim the attacker. The real challenge is to hit the moving target if he is continually coming towards you, OR there are more than just one target. Just be calm and patient and focus on him, and not his scary impulses that want to expose your most vulnerable.

Tasers for self defence

4. Personal alarm – This device is capable to produce very loud noise so that the people in the nearby surroundings get to know and the attacker himself gets distracted, discouraged and scared to death. How about switching its button to ON to scare away the criminal and then immediately use any of the above self defense devices like pepper spray or tasers?

Personal alarm

5. Stun ring – It is an attractive ring that a woman could wear but inside of it there exists pepper spray whose button is pressed right at the time when the attacker is very close and trying to harm in some manner and the woman defends herself using this. Some rings are capable enough to give a pain in their vulnerable body parts like groin, nose, stomach, etc. if punched really hard while wearing this. But this is more recommended if you are somewhat physically trained to handle it.

stun ring

Keeping self defense devices is always recommended so that anybody could escape the potential dangers when someone suddenly encounters. But it is a person’s own aggressiveness and determination following the escape route with courage, without getting much harmed or hurt. If they still feel insecure, these self defense devices wouldn’t be helping them. Presence of mind and alertness are the keys to success.

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