By Suhana Keeranthodika

Some of the Best Tips for Women to Get Promoted at Work

As a woman, it is difficult to constantly strive and remain in male-dominated workplaces where disregard and neglect are often found. Usually, women are considered unequal even though they had possessed a good qualification and experience in the industry.

Are you someone who is having the same kind of trouble as I described above? First of all let me tell you, you are not alone and also the winds of change is proving successful women participation in every field.

A long tenure is enough to make you feel that it’s easy to get a promotion, or hike or bonuses. But you may have to do more than what you did before. More responsibility implies actively dispensing (and sometimes saying) your supervisor or manager that you’re willing to take on a new role. Here is what you can do to get that well-deserved progression.


Best Tips for Women to Get Promoted at Work

Make Yourself Valuable

If you are a good performer, head of your department will somehow make you stay. So performing well is the first thing. For instance, by finishing important work in an order, recognizing and resolving problems, and advancing or planning assistance and results, and so on.

You can also learn new skills and make yourself an essential person in the team. For instance, learn an important foreign language, pick up technical talents or offer high-quality research, owning soft skills varying from the capacity to grasp quickly to the ability to communicate. Use the skills you have to make yourself worthy to the organization you are working. These efforts may turn someone to be willing to help you in the future.

Visualize all your work in advance

If someone asks you about your work show them instead of just saying. Charts and graphs of the work progress and results of your work. Be prepared to show off and amaze co-workers. It makes everyone believe when they can see a clever visual snapshot that strengthens what you’re saying.

Own Projects From Start to Finish

Organizations usually arrange a reward for individuals who serve assignments properly. If you show that you can consistently maintain projects from start to finish, you will not only get promoted, but you’ll also make yourself requisite.

Keep a Positive Attitude

People who typically get promoted carry their relaxed attitude all the time and stress covered. They also act as a role model to coworkers around them. Such personalities meet deadlines and ask important, thoughtful questions that help clients be more satisfied with services. When a problem appears, they want to solve it and work to bypass future problems by acquiring from their errors. If you want to get promoted you want to follow these kinds of an attitude but without harming your self.

Raise co-workers’ Performance

An individual who is trying to grow himself ignoring the rest of the people working with him/her will never be a competent leader. Such personalities may not be getting promoted in workspaces where teamwork is vital. A qualified employee will make sure that the colleagues are performing well and also encourage them to do better. A deliberate action just to get a promotion is not right, a real act of kindness is needed.

Take Chance Sometimes

All the successful women we know have evolved through hardships and nontraditional path. Let’s take the case of Indra Nooyi, the former CEO of Pepsico, who was born in a Tamil family in Madras. Now look where she reached. She was consistently listed among the world’s 100 most powerful women over the past years. It’s all the result of her hard work. Just like everyone else, she also has a family and children, but somehow she managed her career and took it to the peak.

You can do the same by pursuing opportunities for success. Have a dream position you could fill for your organization. Research it and you may write a plan and manifest it to your supervisor. If you are lucky your superiors will notice your enthusiasm to take action and make a declaration. They might recognize you the next time they’re giving out bonuses or while considering promotion.


A Smile can Bring you more Success

Someone who is gloomy or stressed most of the time may not get a chance to be the face of a team or higher positions through promotions. Having a sense of humour and refusing from taking yourself too severely is an important part of succeeding in the workforce. Smile is an attractive quality even at workplaces.

Co-workers and superior officers will consider you if you are a pleasure to work with kind of person. Staying likable needs you to be happy. Feeling contented and accomplished means finding stability between your personal life and work as much as practicable.

Be a Sociable Person

As women, we are instructed to stay in particular discipline rules or not to communicate much in public, both are serious mistakes in the corporate environment. Being social is an important aspect here. It enables you to make friends and having a connection with more people in social places is a definite advantage. Everyone would willingly follow a personality they know and are happy with rather of someone they hardly identify. A social woman also gives her own spaces and views openly and this would help you eventually to set a level of admiration that you justify.

Grow Through the Politics

Politics anywhere was an untouchable matter for intelligent people once. People considered it as something that could totally harm. It is true that politics is no fun, but the fact is that, every group of people will have some kind of politics, whether good or bad. Fleeing it is not a solution. Instead, learn it and master how to make use of such situations. Healthy debate is essential everywhere, and comes with honour and mutual friendliness. Remember to face it and do not lose yourself in it.

Choose a Business Attire Suitable for your Region

Women are regularly reduced to how they dress. The contradiction is that, how you dress does matter for the job to a particular extent. If what you wear does not make you confident then it’s a matter that has to be considered important. Let your confidence grow and also you should be free of thought about what you are wearing.

Accept your mistakes

To fail is human. You cannot have a perfect record and you should not, because that’s not how you should acquire knowledge. Mistakes are the best teachers. We are taught to be perfectionists but technically that is impossible. Actually, no one is requiring us to be so perfect. So, understand that it is okay to make errors and own up to them. How you manage with your mistake expresses your attitude than the mistake itself!

Show that you are More Than a High Performer

Being more than a good performer is necessary when it comes to higher levels. In this, you have to show only a few skills. To be competent for higher level you may have to be more than that. You need to be able to apply a certain decision and lead others from your participation. Get engaged in the affairs of the office, give clarifications to problems that keep happening, and communicate your aims clearly without the fear of appearing frightening to those around you. The point is, you know something and you are great at it. Hence, if you can resolve any difficulty related to it, do it without considering the impression you would leave.

Prevent Exploiting the Sweat of Your Brow

If you think that the work that you are given is something less challenging and you are doing it for a long time. Start asking for better tasks, start taking action and produce more and better work. Sometimes employees are made use to do other works as an office boy without their willingness. If you stick to one work you are given for a long time then the Human Resource team will start believing that you cannot do anything else. Improve your skills, take up more challenging work and lead some attempts.

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