What does your hairstyle say about your personality?

hairstylepersonIt is a proven fact that hairstyles do reveal a person’s overall personality, whether they are naturally gifted or enhance to a different way. Here I list a wide variety of hairdos that is going to give you an idea about different women and their common personalities if they share the similar hairstyles.

1. Multi-colored hair – The name suggests that women who modify their hair to entirely different, such as dying in multi-colors, implies that they have deaf ear towards common people’s judgment. They are not the ones who follow the standard mainstream norms. Remember hippies?


2. Grey hair – Most women cover their age factor by coloring or dying their hair but there are also those who are much comfortable with whatever they have as they naturally age. They have a strong opinions and never hesitate to share it with the world. They are the mature ones.


3. Long hair – Many women believe that long hair make them more beautiful and appealing and so they keep this way. Long hair have multiple meanings behind. This may also symbolize their crave for freedom.

Long hairstyle

4. Short hair – If a woman keeps well maintained short hairstyle that is carefully cut and looks stylish then it says a lot about her artistic nature. She is expressive and quite confident in whatever she initiates doing.

stylish short hairstyle

5. Straight hair – Those who are naturally blessed with straight hair or those who prefer straightening their hair in most occasions come into this category. They are professional, straightforward and serious. Such women never hesitate to bring their own opinions on the table.

Long straight hairstyle

6. Curly hair – People with curly hair are generally carefree, approachable and generous. They tend to complete their task more swiftly and they possess fire-like personality. They make good leaders, are filled with passion, love, aggression and dynamism. They are intuitive and insightful, and people with reason. They are well known for expressiveness.

The cutest looking curly hair

7. Wavy hair – Women who have wavy hair or usually prefer hairstyle being wavy are those who always prioritize looking gorgeous nearly all the times. They have stylish and modern appeal. They are modern and manipulative, and never forget pampering themselves. They may go off the track just to look different!

Beautiful wavy hair

8. Ponytail – If you are one of those who usually prefer making ponytail then you are practical and believe that your hair require not so much of maintenance. You may find it really lazy to go off the track when it comes to innovative hairstyles. You do experiments at times but only on specific occasions.

Ponytail hairstyle

9. Bald – Women sometimes intentionally go bald without second thoughts about putting on wigs, due to either thinning of their hair, some medical condition or just for fun. Making this bold step is not easy and so women who prefer this are those who are filled with compassion and positivity according to Chinese face reading. They have a huge heart and never hesitate to show love. They have the sparkling personality who search for the one who equally shows open arms towards things and believes in real romance.

Bald hairstyle for women

10. Redhead – Those who are naturally redhead or dye their hair with red color are fun loving people, have good sense of humor and hate getting bored. They like to take things lightly. They are fickle minded and so more into infatuation than mature relationships.

Beautiful red hairstyle

11. Left hand side parting style – Women who prefer left parting are logical and analytical in thinking since they use left brain more. They like to do things that are masculine, mentally challenging and considered Alpha. They are well organized in whatever task they do, smart, aggressive, reasonable and open-minded.

Left hand side parting style

12. Right hand side parting style – These women are creative, emotional and spontaneous. This is because they use the right hemisphere of their brain. This side is more feminine.

Right hand side parting style

13. Middle parting style – If you part your hair into two equal halves then you probably use both sides of your brain. Such individuals are calm and easy going. They are more open to adapt for new environment and are generally social butterflies.

Middle parting hairstyle

14. The messy bun – These women are often day-dreamers and mischievous. Their imaginations have no limits. They could be annoying at times as well. They prefer dancing in their own tunes.

Messy-bun hairstyle

15. The braid – This category is for those who like to look graceful and elegant. Such women are usually quiet and introverted but are capable to make a point when its needed.

The braid hairstyle

16. High puff hairstyle – High puff hairstyle is for all those who like to be on the limelight and don’t hesitate to get in people’s notice. This shows that they simply adore being an eye candy.


Above points are written in general terms to define how most women are. There are exceptions and because of that one must keep the basic idea but must not take these features quite literally, else you will end up into wrong conclusions about somebody. This is because when it comes to knowing different personalities, their overall body language, dressing sense, behavior due to their current situation and surroundings play a huge role. So don’t conclude into something hurriedly.

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