By Suhana Keeranthodika

Who is a Content Writer? Is Content Writing One of the Best Freelancing Jobs?

Content writing is a trending job which is going to be in scope as long as people read or listen, literally that is forever! A content writer usually provides several kinds of write-ups, Be it a technical article or creative one for blogs, captions and website contents, user manuals and guides, marketing and promotion contents, mail contents, newsletter contents and a lot more.

Some content writers can handle website contents as well as print contents but a content writer is usually defined as the person who creates written contents for the websites or software or anything online(sometimes offline also).

A website content writer who has got the knowledge of SEO is also indicated as an SEO Content Writer. Likewise, copywriter, UX writer, blogger, etc are some class or types of choices made by content writers by specialization.

Content writing is now popular along with the growth of the IT industry. It is one of the best freelancing jobs today. Still, many people don’t even know about the job or the profile called content writer. Students are also unaware of the existence of this kind of an enjoyable profession. I have encountered the questions like what is content writing and what do I do or what is the education required to reach the position etc.

Some exciting facts about content writing:

  • According to the Australian based Marketing Mag, content marketing is estimated to be a 300 billion dollar enterprise by next year.
  • Content marketing produces three times as many leads as traditional marketing methods and can cost around 60% lesser.

This career is perfect for those who are passionate about writing and want to have a professional job in the same. You need to have good grammar, vocabulary, language skills, editing skills as well as research skills. It is always good to have a creative edge and technological knowledge as the profile is mostly revolving around these two. The topic that comes to content writers may be unpredictable so they should be able to write anything under the sun, anytime.

Content writers are high in demand you know why?

  1. Unique Contents are in Demand: A blank space cannot address its information. So far, marketing required writing a couple of variants of advertisement copy that were intended to reach a wide and sometimes poorly-defined readers. Today we live in the era of information and technology, which implies that our marketing applications have grown more specific and more targeted to particular groups. When organisation try to keep up with this finely-focused audience, the scope of content marketing increase to accommodate a growing number of requirements, for example, email marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and a wide variety of other content. Moreover, there are innumerable websites and blogs made every day, all of which are looking to fill their pages with appropriate and essential content. Readers expect to be able to access the content at a moment’s notice. Contents travel at lightning speed so companies need to act quickly to stay on top of it all. The habit of waiting for weeks for each issue of magazines is not good in this competitive online period. Consumers want content every day to stay in the market. Freelance content writers help brands or companies meet this growing demand.
  2. Less Investment on Time and Capital: It takes time and requires a peaceful surrounding to make good contents. Both of this may be difficult for a client within a capital. One of the exceptional ideas about freelance writers is that they often work remotely, which means that they’re free from the intrusions of the conventional workplace setting. Moreover, due to their specialized background. Freelance writers have the abilities to create content marketing tasks both swiftly and efficiently in that sense. When it comes to saving time, hiring freelance writers means that a client gets to save money as they need not have to give a fixed salary, company benefits, and office expenses. Usually, freelancers are paid for an hourly basis or a fixed rate for the tasks, which means that they’re only spending for the work to be completed in the optimal value of time.
  3. Fresh Perspective Get Results: A client or a company owner is required to do many works to favourably get their business rise. They’re particularly close to what they’re doing, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. While they may know what they want to say, that doesn’t mean they are the most qualified when it comes to putting the information to paper. Freelance writers have the skills to reinforce the words that a business owner is trying to say, while efficiently seizing the business’s purpose. They can turn a blank space into a captivating sales strike, thus making the reader take action. This new outlook has the capability to greatly increase the efficiency of a brand’s presentation plan. It is always mattering to ensure that the text in your marketing materials is conveniently available and well-written. Moreover, it is the viewpoint of your customers. Writing that is unprofessional looks extremely inadequate, which can highly jeopardise your brand image and affect the results of your campaign.

How to Become a successful Freelance Content Writer?

It is not rocket science but requires some skills and passion for skills.

  • Strong Writing Skills: Due to the specific nature of content marketing and the volumes of competition, outstanding written and communication skills are a must in order to convey trademark messages
  • An Education: 40% of freelance writers have a bachelor’s degree and 20% have a post-graduate degree in language, which helps them to stand apart from the competition and win more jobs. But a passion for writing and knowledge in a particular industry can also make up the requirements.
  • Experience to Expertise: The website Freelance Writing demands that having unparalleled expertise obtained from previous jobs enables a person to be a more dependable freelance writer
  • A Passion for the Profession: There’s certainly no point in someone establishing a freelance writing career if they’ve got zero excitement in content marketing because freelancing needs push in order to be successful.

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