Who is More Intelligent – Men or Women?

This is a never ending debate and both the parties claim to be smarter. But what’s the truth behind? We don’t mean here as per the grades they score, after all mugging up the same syllabus is not that difficult. Also some children perform better at primary school, others during high school. There is the role of genes as well. Children inherit from their biological parents. If one or both parents are good at math, chances are their children likely develop those skills as well, be it boy or a girl. Our brain has two sides, namely right and left. The right brain is creative and left one is logical. When we talk about creativity, there are many types like painting, dancing, singing, etc. Suppose one of the parents is a scientist and the other one is a singer, their children could inherit anything and that thing depends.



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A decade ago, one of my friends told that a physics faculty in her coaching institute did not support girls at all. He would always say “Girls are useless. They never achieve anything in life. Boys are smarter and this is why in my experience not even a single girl ranked topmost all over India. They never scored even among the top 10 rankings”. This is what I say sexism. He saw a few examples and concluded for life. One of his students (of course, a boy!) was getting influenced and told similar things like it is not necessary for a girl to get educated or start a career. You see this is how young boys get brain washed. We live in a 21st century and we don’t want such types of people who spread hatred towards the opposite gender.

In a country where very few girls seek studies in coaching institutes (to get selected in I.I.T., A.I.I.M.S., or renowned engineering/medical colleges) what ratio of results do you expect as compared to boys? These institutes ask for additional fees and that costs plenty of bucks which their parents get through selling their property or taking loans. Most parents do not risk sending their girl to a different city since they doubt their safety or cannot afford. And most of all nobody wants to risk their money on a girl’s education. They rather prefer marrying her earlier and start a family. If girls get equal opportunities as with boys and their parents too start supporting as they do with their sons, I am sure getting top ranks in the country will not be that difficult. And there are cases of women getting top ranks in other fields like I.A.S.



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Male and female, both of which are the creation of nature, may compete with one another when it comes to career, studies, sports, etc. but one cannot deny the fact that both of them have the unique abilities. Women get pregnant, men don’t. Infants tend to survive in critical medical condition if they are girls and most boys don’t. Men are better at focusing on singular task, women are excellent at multitasking. Women learn new languages earlier as compared to men. This is how it is designed which is why a person must not discriminate between a boy or a girl. Both have unique abilities and can excel in various fields if they are given the chance.

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