By Suhana Keeranthodika

Back-to-School Health and Safety Tips for Busy Working Mothers

In a few days or weeks even if you are a stay at home mother, working mother or work at home mother we all will be running behind new routines and chaos. School reopening is closer in some parts of the world. Before it is too late, even though we are tightly scheduled in our own busy working life, let’s make our kids ready for back to school and also home when we are away.

There is always a lot of preparations to be done to make them fit for school again after the long and engaging summer holidays. We have discussed the basic back to school tips for moms and children earlier. Along with that, it is also important to make sure they are healthy, safe and ready for the new season.

Get your kids off to a good school, start by preparing them to stay safe and healthy on campus, classroom and at home.


Do the regular health check-ups before school-reopening

Ensure your children have been checked by their physician for their normal development as well as for allergies or nutritional requirements. Take prior appointments and arrangements to make things running for you also.

Based on your family and child’s medical history, your physician can also know or eliminate specific health risks unusual to your child. Recognizing such issues will let you inform the school authority to keep an extra eye on your child.

Make sure your child’s vaccinations are update

Vaccines prevent your child from getting a likely serious illness, but they also go a long way toward eradicating these fatal diseases. In India, some schools check the child’s vaccination notes to make sure the kid is vaccinated thoroughly, but some schools do not! Regularly check if your child is due for any vaccination without missing.

Update medical information

Let the school know about the medicines your child takes, both at home and at school, and any medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, allergies or psychological issues if any. Be sure to furnish contact information for your paediatrician as well as yours along with medical emergency guidance.

Revise safety rules

A long vacation could be like an eraser to kids and now they will be excited to meet their friends and teachers. In between we parents must remind our children about some rules like not to talk to strangers and never to get into a stranger’s car, and do not eat anything strangers offer.

Recently when a series of abduction news got spread in the internet, experts suggested choosing a “code word” that only you, your children and trusted friends and family members know in case someone else has to pick them up and direct your children never to go with anyone who doesn’t know that. I usually tell my children prior if someone else is coming to pick and always that will be someone known and close to them.

Practice your children their address and phone number to contact you. Direct them to find a parent, teacher or other trusted person quickly if they don’t feel safe with anyone.

Avoid Overloaded Backpack

A backpack that’s too huge or carried incorrectly can hurt a child’s neck or back and may create a lasting injury. Perfect backpacks should be light with two wide padded shoulder straps, a waist strap is also good. Pull both straps tightly to fit child’s back properly, to avoid pulling on the shoulders. Divide the weight of items in the bag evenly on both sides, and keep it light. Backpacks should not exceed 10 to 20% of the child’s weight ever.

Prepare children to stand up against bullying

Bullying is a grave issue when they start a new school or if they are introverts yet many sufferers don’t speak up because of the ridicule or revenge. If you doubt your child is a victim of bullying, help him or her to tell you what is going on. Ask questions and offer assistance and relief. Talk to teachers and administrators about such circumstances.


Set reasonable schedules

Sports and extra-curricular activities help kids learn skills, socialize and have fun. And this will diminish the arguments caused due to boredom at home also. But too much of a good thing can become heavy and eventually negate the advantages. Let your children pick what they want to join and change or drop activities that aren’t fun anymore or become too fussy.

I myself have experienced this issue with my son, he wanted to participate in few extracurricular activities which he had an interest and later he started behaving odd on the days when he had these activities, the thing was he got bored of it. And later tried another one. Then I and my husband started to complain that he is not sticking to one, this was the same in most households with his age groups. By the time some of his friends have settled with one or two arts and sports activities. That is how it happens they will have to try everything until they find one which they don’t get bored at all.

Keep the communication constant

With everyone on busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to sit and talk with your kids. Still make sure you discuss their days, homework, syllabus and everything. Let them feel that you are taking care of them. At some point, they may not respond to your questions but just know its just a passing cloud. Keep a track without failure and also without being a helicopter.

Make After school arrangements

Every working mom wants the peace of mind knowing that her child is being cared. Some working mothers cannot be at home when their children come back from school. Some of them put children in after school care. Some arrange babysitters at home. Working mothers with extended family members to take care of their children are really lucky I say.

Check if the child care centres are safe and suitable for your child in every aspect, be it the people, environment, food or activities. My son used to complain when I send him to after-school care for a short duration that, the after school care is just like school. By telling that he meant the place is as strict as school not friendly as he expected. Each child’s requirement may be different, as parents we will understand that and make sure the place or the person taking care of them is perfect. If you are arranging babysitter, I recommend to try them before the school reopens and when you are around. Also, instruct the school transport service to drop and make sure kids are safe inside the home or after school compound.

Prepare Your Child for Online Safety

Even 3-year-olds are surfing the internet these days. The internet is an enormous world with hidden evil beneath it. When you are away at work, unlimited internet access for your child can make it hard to watch his/her activities.

If children need access to the internet for academic or studying purposes, then it will be difficult to deny access fully. If you are not at home to oversee, you can install security software that shields children from reaching undesirable websites or hitting dangerous forums. You better invest in quality games and activities that keep kids engaged when you are away. Establish the rule that children should not download files or games or sent or receive images with strangers, nor can they chat with people they do not know in life. Also, never disregard security patches or update alerts.

Hide Dangerous Stuff somewhere locked

Children are always curious, so it is important that you keep all the ‘keep away from children’ items locked. Also if there are caregivers at home, instruct them about the do’s and dont’s you established with your children. let them know the cupboards and storage spaces where children are granted access. It’s never too early to train them about the dangers and warnings prowling in unforeseen places. It also makes them better to deal with accidents. Tell them how hazardous are stuff like medicines, chemicals, knives and even long things like stoles and shawls resembling ropes.

All these tips are regarding smaller children of age group 4-12, although these are basic, if you are parents of children heading to high school story will be different!

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No matter which way you deal the back to school time, It is a period of anxiety. If it is a new school kids also may get worried. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be tamed.

Parenting is a full-time job for sure, often stacked on top of your other full-time job. If you’re upset about how you’re going to handle back-to-school responsibilities along with your job and other household tasks, realise that you’re not alone.

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