Ayoti Technologies: A Change Agent for Women Empowerment.

AYOTI is a women’s organization, which is an answer to the problems that women face. AYOTI literally means “hope for a bright future,” which ultimately gives hope to ladies. An empowered woman who has the choice and financial independence to live her life as she chooses and also follows her dreams. She is also someone who believes in herself and her talent and potential. Being financially stable is the best thing to be independent for women, leading to women’s empowerment.

Women’s education also does not empower family but community and economics, leading to social and then a country for a well-civilized place. They proved it several times that women have the power to change the world. Education enables their confidence to go upper, makes them find the jobs that suit them, and works shoulder to shoulder with men.

AYOTI is a transformation for women who cannot go to the office because of family obligations or personal inconvenience and wish to work from home, taking care of their household activities. It does not charge any amount for joining and gives pay-out at the right time. It provides professional training for women by promoting their knowledge in upcoming Technologies and accessing them to increase pay-outs.

In society, we can find girls at a younger age pulled out of school when they hit their puberty because it considered them ready for marriage and babies. This happens at twelve or thirteen, while boys still enjoyed their childhood. Women face many more challenges: female foeticide, violence, sexual assault, forced marriages, gender-based discrimination, discrimination at the workplace, etc. We can find more cases of dropping out of schools only because of combining employment with household chores. All these women are of great potential who are being suppressed with a lot of male domination and inferior views.

Some women cannot even find them as a member of their family and couldn’t attain a space in society. All these problems arose for the lack of education or self-confidence. A woman should have the self-respect to feel like an important person in society; it can make others respect her. It is essential to have a consistent thought about what she wants and excellent communication skills to listen and understand what she says.

Empowerment has categorized into two forms that are political and economic empowerment. Political equality ensures space for women in public spheres and offers the best gender equality. Economic empowerment increases women’s agency, access to government programs, mobility outside the home, and confidence in the company she works, thus leading to better performance and skills. Women’s empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economics for more than a decade. It can also point to proceed towards other underplayed genders in a particular political or social context. Give power or authority to; allow, especially by legal or official means: I empowered my agent to make the deal for me. We can define women empowerment in elementary words that it makes women powerful to make their own decisions regarding their lives and well-being in the family and society.

It is empowering women to make them able to get their genuine rights in society. Women’s Empowerment Principles: Equality Means Business. As we all know, India is a male-dominated country where males dominate in every area. It forces females to be responsible for only family care and live in the home, including many other restrictions.

Almost fifty percent of India’s population covers females only, so the country’s full development depends on the half community being women. But social taboos around them still restrict them from getting empowered. In such conditions, we cannot say that it would develop our country without empowering half the population. If we want to make our country a developed country, it is necessary to empower women by the efforts of men, government, laws, and women.

AYOTI meets a fundamental lack of confidence, awareness, life skills, employability, a guide in mentoring and resources. We can ensure we empower underprivileged women not with skills like tailoring or beauticians but with twenty-first-century skills. It provides the right skill sets and the tools and resources women themselves become self-sufficient agents of change in their community. Empowering women makes them strong to fight enough with the challenges they meet in their regular battles and reach their goals. AYOTI enables women to live their life with a sense of self-worth, respect, and dignity.

Every woman should use our right to live, education and have careers of your choice. We empower them with employability skills that help women to take part-time employment to self-fund their education. We should send more girls to schools and colleges for higher education, and it must serve as a means of empowerment for women when it involves the transformation of both the individual woman and the relationships in which she embedded them.

This dimension of empowerment is often missing. Women’s empowerment is no effortless task. It is a cycle that requires intentional and steady endeavors. The cultural method towards ladies, their jobs, and status have not drastically changed. Henceforth, more job opportunities for women to grant more rights and concessions make society understand women’s roles in society. In the current situation, AYOTI plays a vital role. It brings opportunities in front of women, gives them support in life, and they are happy that their talents and resources are being used.




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