Coronavirus and Its Preventive Measures

2019 saw one of the biggest disasters hit on china taking many lives with it to date.

Yes, it’s about Coronavirus, which still got the first place in the news nowadays. As all might know, there are many rumors and controversies still revolving around coronavirus. This virus is causing fear and dismay among people. It will become an absolute stupidity to tell everyone to be calm so, be alert but not anxious.

Many say that China had stolen the virus from Canada, and while testing it in one of their Chinese bioweapon labs, it got leaked and caused the mishap. Some say that China kept the virus as a bioweapon to use against the world nations. Some other rumors say that China leaked the virus knowingly to control the population. The list of stories is pretty endless. But what the real truth is, no one knows.

We will be briefly going to discuss coronavirus and the preventive measures that we need to follow. You can go through the points below to get a clear picture of coronavirus.

What is Coronavirus?

As the name suggests, coronavirus refers to a family or group of viruses that cause illness. As of the latest, a new section of coronavirus called the novel coronavirus has been found in China and has been found widely in human beings. You might have seen in the news about the rising mishaps caused because of coronavirus till now. These viruses got transmitted between animals and human beings.

The common symptoms of coronavirus are:

– Fever or common cold

– Cough

– Shortness of breath

– Breathing difficulties

In a severe case, one will have:

– Pneumonia

– Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

– Kidney failure

And if the case is very severe and worst, the person may likely die because of coronavirus. China is facing the worst cases now, and many have lost their lives while fighting the same.

How Did Coronavirus Spread in China?

All fingers point towards the animals that were sold in the seafood market to be the host of 2019 coronavirus. Such a conclusion got drawn as the first few individuals who got affected by this virus were working in the Huanan seafood market. But at the same time, many scientists claim that animals might not be the real transmitters, that gave the virus to human beings. Even now, huge debates take place that fights over the real source of such a prominent viral outbreak.


Preventive Measures

Washing your hands

  • Always wash your hands regularly, as washing your hands will help in killing the virus in your hand if there was any. And by doing that, you are safeguarding others’ health too.

  • While you wash your hand, wash for twenty to thirty seconds. If your hand is visibly dirty, wash it with hand wash or soap, and if it seems clean, then also wash it with hand sanitizer. Using hand sanitizer is the best choice if there is no soap or hand wash.

  • When you cough or sneeze, make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue paper or with your flexed elbow, as the virus will spread through the air. After using the tissue paper, throw it away in the dustbin, and wash your hands thoroughly.

  • Do not forget to wash your hands after you travel, as you might get exposed to many bacterias and viruses that may contain impurities.

So, you will have to wash hands,

  • after coughing and sneezing
  • when you take care of a sick person
  • wash your hand before making the food,
  • you do have to wash your hands before and after eating food
  • should wash your hands after washroom visits
  • wash your hands after handling your animals and your animal’s waste.

Protecting others from getting sick

  • When you have a cold, cough, or breathing difficulties, readily visit a doctor and try not to go out of your house frequently. When you see a doctor tell him/her whether you have a travel to China lately.

  • Wear a good quality mask.
  • You have to avoid close contact with people suffering from symptoms of coronavirus.

  • Make sure that you don’t spit in public places.

    Practicing food safety

  • Always eat perfectly cooked food rather than half or partially cooked food.

  • Animals that are sick or that died due to sickness should not get consumed.

    General safety measures

  • You will have to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as it may spread the virus in your hands to spread.

  • You have to avoid having close contact with any animals, especially the animal which is sick, or those that wander outside.

  • Always disinfect objects and surfaces that come in close contact with you and others.

    Staying healthy while traveling

  • You have to quit traveling if you have a cough or fever as the chance of spreading the virus becomes high, and no one will be ready to take a risk for you as both remain coronavirus symptoms.

  • While traveling, make sure to use every possible preventive measure, and you should carry with you all the time a hand sanitizer and of course wear mask.


Many controversies spread faster than the coronavirus. So, the only thing one has to keep in mind is that, do not believe whatever you see on the internet. When you see something on the internet, try to find out the truth behind it, as it can be a rumor.

When you take the case of Kerala, the state was suffering from the epidemic Nipah many claimed that it got something to do with bioterrorism. But later, it was proved that it had nothing to do with bioterrorism and that it got spread by fruit bats.

As we wrap up, hoping that you have understood what this says will get noted down. And as the proverb states, “Prevention is better than cure.” So keep this in mind that the internet is like a marriage, there will be a long list of people, what will happen if we marry the first person you see, nobody can imagine what will happen. But it would be wise to marry someone after knowing about them thoroughly. So, while going through such a phase, make sure to lean on the correct facts than blindly believing everything on the internet. Even when you are looking up for preventive measures, causes, etc. make sure it is from the correct source. You must be careful about the information you gather as there are a hell lot of rumors, lies, and myths associated with coronavirus.

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