Importance Of Water Day In 2020

Water is an inevitable part of our daily life. Have you ever been without water? What will happen if suddenly water cannot be found anywhere? Will we be able to live in a world where water got finished? Woah! Surprising right? Big piles of questions stacking up one after another without any answers.

The scarcity of water will affect every person in the universe, and it’s swaying the earth itself. Many of you might have heard that world war three will happen because of water unavailability. We all know about it, still refuse to act as responsibly.

The population is increasing day by day, and with that water crisis keeps on growing, as we don’t worry about the problem suitably. Some countries of the world are already facing water shortage and it is going to be more disastrous to them in future. In India, residents of Goa and its nearby areas have suffered severe water problems earlier, and in Pakistan, Thar has lost many children due to harsh drought. Other countries like Brazil, China, the US, Jordan, South Africa, Libya, Kosovo are also suffering from water problems. So it’s high time that we do something good for mother nature.

What is world water day?

Every year on March 22nd, World Water Day is celebrated all around the universe. Have you ever thought of why we celebrate such a day every year? Yes, your thoughts are right, we celebrate world water day to create awareness among people, who misuse water.

What is the theme of world water day?

Every year we follow different themes for world water day. The themes we have followed so far are:

  • Water and Climate Change (2020)

This year we revolve around the theme water and climate change and how these two are inevitably interlinked. It’s been proved that the efficient use of water reduces the emission of greenhouse gas.

  • Leaving No One Behind (2019)

In 2019 the theme was brought into existence as to make us understand the importance of getting water to everyone. It emphasizes the importance of an equal distribution of water to every single person on earth.

  • Nature for Water (2018)

In this theme, we explored nature as a source to overcome water challenges. This focuses on reducing water pollution, floods, droughts and protecting the ecosystem.

  • Why Waste Water? (2017)

This theme focused on the reduction of water usage and guided us to resue and water saving.

  • Better Water, Better Jobs (2016)

This shows a connection between water and job, both directly and indirectly. A relation is drawn as many industries depend upon water. So the scarcity of water affects some job sectors.

These are the other themes followed year after year:

  1. Water and Sustainable Development (2015)

  2. Water and Energy (2014)

  3. International Year of Cooperation (2013)

  4. Water and Food Security (2012)

  5. Water for cities (2011)

  6. Clean Water for a Healthy World (2010)

  7. Trans Waters (2009)

  8. Sanitation (2008)

  9. Coping With Water Scarcity (2007)

  10. Water and Culture (2006)

  11. Water for Life Decade 2005–2015 (2005)

  12. Water and Disasters (2004)

  13. Water for Future (2003)

    How should we save water?

How can we save water? this is a regular question we ask ourselves. This question does not need big paragraphs after paragraphs explaining the tips and steps of water management. One of the basic water management starts from our home. Make sure that not even a drop of water is wasted from your house. Then we can expand these tips to your friends and relatives, likewise, we will be able to expand it to the whole world.

And another important step that saves water is some strict action from the side of government. The government should make sure to take acton against water wastage. They should also help in making the citizens aware of the need to save water, and train them in saving water.

How should we reduce wastage of water?

  • Check around your house for leaky pipes. These leaky pipes can waste so much of water.

  • Always remember to close the tap after washing. Whenever you use a tap, you should double-check to make sure that you closed the tap.

  • Use less water or necessary water while bathing, washing clothes, washing utensils and washing cars, etc.

  • When you take water for boiling, take the right amount of water, don’t take water which exceeds our necessity.

  • Reduce food wastage at home. This is told because, lots and lots of water has been used for growing cereals, fruits, vegetables, and other foods, so we must save water and food. Many people are out there waiting for both these, so keep this in mind and act accordingly.

  • Take care of water as if you are taking care of your baby. Because we have been very unethical and careless till now, but this can’t go on now. We have to take the step towards the change. Be the change and let the world change with you.

  • If you have a smaller garden, water the plants with hand, this can reduce water wastage.

  • Always guide and teach your younger ones not to play with water, as right now each drop gets counted.

As I conclude my words, I would like to grab all of your attention to the growing necessity of water consumption all around the world. We have been living here for so long, but that doesn’t mean that we own the earth. So, like a good soul who lives on earth, we have to protect the resources that are given to us. We should guide the next generation to conserve water. I get enough water does not mean that everyone else gets, so we should make sure that we don’t waste a single drop of water.

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