How Ayoti ensures Customer Satisfaction

The success in business mainly lies in bringing up value to the clients. They are the backbones for the business’ smooth-running, be it a small-scale or large-scale business. A client understanding is essential for every B2C and B2B company regardless of its domains. At Ayoti, understanding the client’s needs and business specifics is quite necessary for us. We ensure to enhance processes, drive innovations, and initiate changes that offer business growth for our clients in the future.

How we understand our Clients

At Ayoti, we do an in-depth analysis and research of the clients’ company, such as their online presence, businesses, and other social achievements. Then we interact with our clients to understand how their business process works, what problems they faced, and about their expectations and objectives they set. Apart from these, we perform an in-depth market analysis to learn the environment better than they are at present and will be in the upcoming future.

Common Client Challenges Faced in Many Organizations

In businesses, client problems are always inevitable. But with a bit of preparation, we can prevent potential miscommunications and conflicts before it happens. Some of the common client problems and ways to deal with it are listed down here;

  1.   Differing Expectations

You might expect one thing and the client might expect the opposite. So, the end product might not come out of what the client wanted. This will ultimately lead to client dissatisfaction and conflicts between you and the client. It mainly occurs due to unreasonable client demands, which are difficult to meet and poor communication and lack of planning.

It can be avoided by:

  •  Setting up frequent meetings with the client, thereby having proper communication
  •  Ask for feedback and approvals by the client at appropriate intervals. It’s best not to proceed with the further developments unless and until the client approves it.
  1.   Stalled Contents

During the development process, you might sometimes need content from the client to update it on their sites. Even you might need content to understand the project workflow. So if the client isn’t providing you with the necessary contents, the project’s development can be delayed. This might be because the client might be busy and avoids work, or the client might not be an expert in writing content and thus lags.

It can be avoided by:

  •  Be proactive and keep recording notes during the discussion and interview time
  •  Offer content production as a service to your client and resolve the stalled content problem
  1. Trust Issues

Often, workers’ and clients’ attitudes can clash in their communication, productivity, and proficiency. Many of them develop a desperate situation to seek recognition. Also, there may even be a few rude, arrogant, and difficult clients. The main reason may be the failure to meet deadlines, lack of communication, and failure to update the clients on the project status.

It can be avoided by:

  •  Avoid your attitude to creep into your professional work
  •  Have a daily or at least weekly communication with the client and keep them updated on the project’s status
  1.   Scope Creep     

It mainly refers to the frequent changes or uncontrolled growth in a project’s scope, which might happen any time after the project begins. It occurs when the client brings in a new idea or adds new features to the project. It mainly occurs when the project’s scope isn’t correctly defined or documented at the beginning.

It can be avoided by:

  • Always refer to the project scope whenever the client asks for additional work
  • Declare about the extra pay at an hourly rate for the additional work given by the client

Ayoti’s Tips in Strengthening Client Relationships

At Ayoti, we manage to build a steady business that keeps on strengthening over the years. A strong client relationship is what matters to us. Here are a few simple ways that can be followed to enhance relationships with your clients:

  •  Foster Open Communications

Open communications are a great way to build up a strong, long-lasting client relationship. Our clients need to get in touch with us often and feel free to reach us and communicate about their projects. For that, you can do regular conference calls, daily email updates, in-person meetings, etc.

  •  Ask for Feedbacks

If you want to serve your clients well, you need to know what you are doing right and what needs improvement. Encourage a regular feedback loop with the client and listen to it and implement it in their work.

  •  Accept the Mistakes and be Solution-Oriented

Mistakes are always bound to happen even if you are an expert. The central part is that you accept your errors and know how to bounce back from them. Address the project’s right away with the client, communicate clearly what’s going on, and come up with thoughtful solutions and follow it.

About Ayoti:

Working with clients might seem challenging, but like in any healthy relationship, Ayoti fosters its employees to start it with a great sense of self-worth and confidence. Ayoti plays a vital role in making it a unique platform for future outsourcing, especially for women working for home. Ayoti comes up with many women empowerment programs like the Paritrana, Look at me, and Artisa.

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